Here at Fresh Start The Moving Crew, we have many different tasks we can perform for you. We offer Clutter Capture, our junk removal service that helps people with junk removal, whether they’re moving or not. Local moving is our main job, loading and transporting people’s possessions in New England. And, of course, there are our packing services.

Not everyone who hires us as movers also employs us as their packers. It’s often easier for us to handle both jobs, as we can pack most efficiently so that everything in the truck fits as perfectly as possible. But you have to ask yourself these questions before deciding if we’ll be your movers and packers.

How Much Time Do You Have?

If you have to move quickly, it’s unlikely that you’ll have time to pack up everything before the move. You’ve probably got other things on your mind anyway, such as preparing for a new job, enrolling your kids in a new school, and finalizing the purchase or rental of your next residence. If you don’t have the time to pack, movers and packers can be a lifesaver.

What Kind of Patience Do You Have?

Packing is a big deal, especially if you have a house full of stuff and haven’t moved in a decade or more. At best, you’ve got a spouse and couple of kids to help pack everything. At worst, you’re doing it alone. If you don’t have the patience to pack up every last shampoo bottle, screwdriver, and melon baller, our packers have you covered.

Do You Mind People Touching Your Stuff?

Some people simply don’t want people touching their possessions. It might be a germ phobia, or it might be a trust issue. We understand that everyone has different sorts of attachments to the things they own. These customers might want movers but not packers, or they might opt to have us pack only certain parts of the house (such as the garage).

Depending on your answers to these three questions, it might be time to contact Fresh Start The Moving Crew. We’ll be your movers, even if we’re not your packers!