Here at Fresh Start local, we’re here to move everything you own, from that extra bar of deodorant in your vanity to your grand piano, Beth. We’ll give you a moving quote, whether you need just moving or moving and packing, and then get you where you need to be.

Wait, did we say we’ll move everything you own? Well, we will move it, but are you sure you want us to move it? Let’s take a look at some of the items you want to trash, sell, or recycle before we start packing everything up.


Plungers. We all have them, we all need them. Some of us need them more than others. But do you really want to haul it to your next house and use the same plunger in your new toilet as you used in your old on?. Do you want us to pack it up and put it next to your…well, next to your anything in the back of the van? Yes, we hate waste, but sometimes you just have to treat yourself to a new plunger and leave the old one in the dumpster!

Gas Cans

Gas can aren’t something you really want to move, especially if they have gas in them. If you’re just heading across town in winter, we won’t argue as much. But across the state in the middle of summer? It’s best to simply let your neighbor have your gas can and purchase a new one when you get there.

The Freezer That’s An Energy Suck

Okay, those last items were small and wouldn’t even show up on a moving quote. This one, however, would, and we’d certainly charge you for it! But we also feel compelled to tell you that it might be more environmentally friendly to get rid of an ancient freezer and purchase a new one when you get to your next location. Old freezers and refrigerators can be so energy inefficient as to end up costing you money even more money in the long run. The good thing is that we can make sure it is properly recycled and will get it out of your home with our labor-only services.

And Then There’s Junk Removal!

Before the move and during the move, you’re going to find a lot of stuff you don’t want. There are those college textbooks, SCSI cables from a long-dead computer printer that you recycled a decade ago, and that broken desk chair that you never got around to fixing. Our junk removal service  can handle everything that you don’t want making it to your new home.

BONUS! Moving From a House To An Apartment?

If you’re moving from a house into a condo or apartment, sell your mower and snowblower on Craigslist before you move. When you get to your new home, it’s more than likely you won’t have a place to store large; even if you do, do you really want to be tripping over them during the year or more you won’t be needing them?

You want nearly everything to make it to your new home. But there are a few items you never want to see again! For moving services or junk removal questions and quotes, contact us today!