Every so often we like to check in with the testimonials page here at Fresh Start – The Moving Crew. Our customers are always getting back to us and letting us know how we’ve performed, and we like to take a few minutes to respond to their comments, questions, and concerns. Spoiler alert: many of them think we’re the best moving company around!

“The Moving Crew was on time, flexible, courteous and professional. They took great pains to protect the furniture and helped make a very stressful day worry free.”

September 2, 2014
Catherine B.

We’re very glad you were happy with our moving services, Catherine. There’s a lot to unpack there (sometimes we crack ourselves up). Those compliments you gave us — being on time, flexible, courteous, and professional — speak to our hiring and training practices. You mention that it was a stressful day, and we understand that we enter our customer’s lives on one of the most stressful days that they’ll experience. That’s why we do everything we can to reduce that stress as much as possible, and the best way to do that it is to not introduce anything new that would cause stress! That means being on time and listening to the customers concerns.

“We hired 4 men from Fresh Start to move a very heavy 100+ year old piano from our home and load it onto a rental trailer for us to deliver to NH. We were very pleased with the service that we received, not only from the moving crew, but also from the Office Manager, Mary. All involved were very efficient and personable, plus the option of self-delivery saved us money. We will definitely recommend Fresh Start to others.”

February 5, 2016
Sharon I.

Hey Sharon, thanks for writing. It seems like you took advantage of our
labor only 
plan, where we move or load something for you and then you take it from there. It’s a good option when you don’t need the movers to go with you.

You spoke to our efficiency, and that’s something we pride ourselves on as large-item movers and as a moving company. We understand that your time is important and that your schedule shouldn’t be compromised. We’re not going to rush the service — you don’t need a broken piano or scratched walls — but we’ll be sure to bring the right number of movers and the right equipment to move what you need moved as efficiently as possible.

You also mentioned how personable our movers were. We hire the right people, and when it comes to friendliness we very much have a “why not” attitude. Why not be friendly? What does it cost us? Nothing! Why not enjoy the day and our time with the customer?

As always, thanks to our customers for taking the time to write us with their testimonials. If you, the reader of this blog, need local movers to get something from Point A to Point B, we hope you’ll contact us soon.