LEVEL UP – Labor to Leadership

Pay is $17.50-$24.50 / hour plus bonuses and LOTS OF TIPS

Expectations 4-5 Days per week and 8-12 hours per day.

Our mission is to make your life better. Better money, better confidence and better skills. Bring balance to your life and see the difference it makes. Fresh Start The Moving Crew is hiring experienced and inexperienced movers, because we know how to train you. Moving is fun when you are with the right team. We are dedicated to your improvement and success. Every job is different, so there’s variety and not the same old same old every day boring job. There’s opportunity – we are growing and we like to advance from within. Please check us out. This may be just what you needed.


*****Skills you will bring or learn at Fresh Start*****

Labor – lifting and moving furniture and household goods

Loading – strategically load the truck for safe transport

Packing – pack up the customers dishes, books, clothing and keepsakes

Assembly – know how to put tables, desks and made to assemble furniture together

Disassembly – know how to take larger furniture apart with tools

Inventory – know how to translate size and scope of a job

Padding – using protective materials to prevent damages to customer items

Estimating – be able to gage the length of time a job will take

Crating – have some carpentry skills in order to professionally protect specialty items

Driving – Non CDL regular class driving of personal vehicles and non-CDL straight trucks

Communicating – Be able to speak to co-workers and customers with clarity and confidence

*****Qualities you will bring or learn at Fresh Start*****

  • Respectfulness
  • Good Hygiene
  • Helpfulness
  • Cooperation
  • Team Player
  • Physically Capable
  • Reliable
  • Coachable


  • Arrive for 7:45 – come rested, bring water/drink, be dressed neat/clean and weather ready.

  • Meet in the lounge area – grab a coffee and wait for your Crew Leader

  • Before leaving shop; Crew Leader will give direction – what move you are doing

  • On the job;  (from the lot to the time you leave for the day)

    • Use respectful language with crew members and managers as well as clients.

    • No Smoking permitted

    • Be ready to learn

    • Assist Crewmates

    • Listen and apply direction throughout the move

    • Keep a good attitude

    • Stay safe on the move

  • Use Best Practices;

    • When disassembling an item – put all hardware in an envelope and label it. Give to Crew Leader for safe keeping

    • Wrap furniture well

    • Make sure any tools used at Load or Unload are given back to Crew Lead

    • Unload – make sure All of the client’s items are taken out of the truck/cab

    • Unwrap furniture and get trash to the truck as well as blankets and any tools or equipment.  Make sure they are secure in the truck for travel.

    • Report any Damages to the Crew Leader right away

  • Back at the shop – end of day – Unload all trash to the Trash Truck from the Cab as well as the Box. Sweep out the Truck.

  • Make sure the truck is supplied for the next day if any boxes were used, etc…

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