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Moving is never fun. From the packing to the heavy lifting, it’s a big project that’s tough to handle on your own. When you need to enlist the help of local movers in Worcester County, MA, New England, and surrounding areas, you’ll want to find an experienced and well-equipped company to handle your move. When searching for moving companies near you, look no further than Fresh Start – The Moving Crew. Contact us today to learn more about our moving services.










Experience is crucial when selecting a moving company in Worcester County, MA. Hiring local movers who lack the necessary experience and equipment can lead to additional stress and workload for you. However, when you choose Fresh Start – The Moving Crew, you’re opting for a team that brings reliability and proficiency to your moving process.

Here’s what you can expect when you trust us with your move:

  • Dedicated Customer-Centric Service
  • Swift and Efficient Moving Solutions
  • Affordable, Competitive Rates

With over 12 years of experience in the moving industry, Fresh Start – The Moving Crew stands out as one of the top choices in Worcester County, MA. Our deep understanding of the logistics involved in both local and long-distance moves means we can handle your relocation with the utmost care and efficiency.


Balance = Success

Starting as a humble moving company in Worcester, MA, Fresh Start – The Moving Crew has expanded significantly, now servicing major cities throughout New England, including Boston, Hartford, Providence, and Springfield. We specialize in both local and long-distance, out-of-state moves, ensuring our services are always affordable and accessible.

Fresh Start – The Moving Crew stands out for our commitment to professionalism and our deep-rooted values in relationship-building and trust. Our team is not just a group of movers; we are a tight-knit crew dedicated to making your moving experience as seamless as possible. Whether you are relocating locally within New England or need assistance with a long-distance move, our expert team is equipped to handle moves of any size.

For residential or commercial moves, let us take the burden off your shoulders. Our primary goal is to simplify your move, ensuring you don’t have to lift a finger—let alone break a sweat. Trust in Fresh Start – The Moving Crew to handle all the heavy lifting, packing, and transportation of your belongings with utmost care.

Contact us today for more details on our moving services and to schedule your next move in Worcester County, MA, or beyond. We’re ready to help you make a fresh start wherever life takes you!



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Your Worcester County & New England Moving Experts

Whether you’re an individual or a business preparing for a move in or out of Worcester County, choose Fresh Start – The Moving Crew for a seamless transition. Our team is equipped to handle moves from various settings, including apartments, homes, commercial sites, and more. We offer comprehensive services to support your move at every stage.

Our offerings include local and long-distance residential moves, commercial relocation services designed to prevent operational downtime, internal moving support for redecorating projects, specialized assistance for government relocations, meticulous packing services, and secure storage solutions.

At Fresh Start – The Moving Crew, our commitment to service excellence is our primary focus. We understand the stress involved in moving, and we dedicate ourselves to reducing this stress for our clients. Our emphasis on quality extends beyond transportation to include every aspect of our services. Thanks to our team of highly skilled professionals, we pride ourselves on delivering efficient, friendly, and professional moving services throughout Worcester County and beyond.

Residential Home Moving Services

Moving out of your home is no small feat—it involves not only deciding what to keep but also ensuring everything is safely packed and transported to your new residence. While we might not be able to advise on which kitchen gadgets to discard, Fresh Start – The Moving Crew excels in handling the heavy lifting of packing and moving your belongings.

We are renowned for our expertise in residential moves. Our movers undergo thorough training to ensure they handle your items with care and professionalism. Our fleet of moving vans is equipped with high-quality packing materials to offer maximum protection for your belongings, whether the journey is short or long. We also utilize specialized equipment to safeguard your new home’s floors and walls from any potential damage.

Choosing Fresh Start means opting for top-tier packing and transport materials, coupled with meticulous attention to detail in every aspect of our service. This ensures your belongings are not only secure during transit but also arrive at your new home ready for a new beginning. And when you’re settled in, looking around your effortlessly organized new space, you’ll appreciate the peace of mind that comes with choosing the right movers.

If you’re in Worcester County or its vicinity and planning a move, don’t hesitate to contact us. Experience a stress-free move and enjoy your new home without the hassle.

Your Local Moving Specialists

At Fresh Start – The Moving Crew, we’re proud to be a part of the Worcester County and Springfield communities, working daily to simplify the moving process for our neighbors. Moving within the area shouldn’t be a source of stress—let us help you transition smoothly to your new home, whatever your situation may be.

Our area is home to numerous prestigious colleges and universities. If you’re a student shifting between apartments or moving out of a dorm, we’re here to make your move effortless. We also offer packing services, perfect for securing all your belongings, from textbooks to kitchenware.

Perhaps you’ve graduated and are moving into your dream home thanks to a new job opportunity. Rely on us for fast, polite service that handles your possessions with the utmost care, proving that moving can indeed be a seamless experience.

For those taking a significant step in their relationship and moving in together, concerns about transporting bulky items like dressers are common. Don’t worry—we have the tools and expertise needed to maneuver your belongings efficiently, even in challenging spaces.

Or if you’re setting up a new family home in the suburbs, avoid the hassle of multiple trips with personal vehicles. Our team can handle all your belongings in fewer trips with greater care.

No matter the scenario—from college moves to family home setups—we are committed to providing high-quality service and efficiency. Need storage solutions? We also offer secure storage facilities that protect your most valuable items from environmental challenges, ensuring that everything from paintings to vintage clothes remains in pristine condition. Trust us with your local move, and let us help you start your new chapter with ease.

Apartment & Condo Moving Experts

Moving out of or into an apartment or condo involves unique challenges that differ from those of a standard home move. Given the potential for losing a security deposit, it’s crucial to move with care to avoid damaging walls, doors, or floors. The complexities of navigating narrow corridors and staircases only add to the stress, especially when recalling the difficulty of initially moving large items into your space.

At Fresh Start – The Moving Crew, we are committed to ensuring a damage-free move for both your belongings and your living spaces. Our comprehensive packing services are designed to meticulously prepare your items for the move. Whether it involves boxing, wrapping, or securing items, we handle your possessions with the utmost respect and care.

Many apartments and condos feature challenging access points, like long hallways or multiple flights of stairs. If the thought of moving your sofa or bed frame seems daunting, let us take care of it. We specialize in transporting bulky and heavy furniture, ensuring that everything reaches your new home without a scratch.

Timing is also critical when coordinating with your building management to vacate your space. We prioritize promptness and punctuality throughout the moving process, helping you transition from your old unit to your new one efficiently. This swift service helps avoid any potential extra fees or complications with property management.

Long-Distance Moving Across New England

Embarking on a long-distance move can mark the beginning of an exciting chapter in your life, whether it’s moving to pursue a new job opportunity, be closer to family, or even build a dream home in the serene Maine woods. At Fresh Start – The Moving Crew, we extend our expertise beyond local moves to help you navigate the complexities of long-distance relocations with the same professionalism and quality.

We understand the mixed feelings of excitement and anxiety that come with entrusting your belongings to others over long distances. Concerns about the safety of your items during transit are valid—after all, roads are unpredictable and traffic can be intense. However, our team is rigorously vetted and has demonstrated time and again their ability to securely pack and transport belongings, navigating through all challenges to deliver your items safely and on time.

Our fleet is equipped with GPS tracking and maintained meticulously to avoid delays. You can easily track your possessions and receive timely updates on their progress. Our movers, each of whom undergoes extensive training, are skilled in using premium packing materials to ensure your items are well-protected throughout their journey.

Our commitment to excellence is mirrored in our long-distance moving services, which include our “White Glove” service. This premium service features ongoing communication, allowing you to stay informed every step of the way. You can expect professionalism, courteous interaction, effective packing, punctual delivery, and transparent pricing—all part of our commitment to your satisfaction.

Additionally, if you’re not ready to move all your items from the Worcester County area immediately, take advantage of our secure, climate-controlled storage services. We can store your belongings until you’re ready to proceed, ensuring they are safe and sound.

Choose Fresh Start – The Moving Crew for a long-distance move that’s as stress-free as possible, backed by a track record of satisfied clients who trust us to go the distance.

Professional Commercial Moving Services

Moving a business can disrupt operations and cause stress, whether the relocation is across town or across the country. As a business owner or manager, maintaining operational continuity is your top priority during a move. Partnering with professional, organized movers like Fresh Start – The Moving Crew can minimize the downtime and let you focus on running your business and maintaining service quality to ensure your clients remain supportive through the transition.

We are committed to streamlining the relocation process for our commercial clients. Our “White Glove” service is designed to elevate the moving experience by making it as smooth and stress-free as possible—akin to the treatment expected by A-list celebrities. This premier service includes:

  • Open Communication: We keep you fully informed throughout the move, ensuring you’re updated on progress and have the freedom to reach out with any queries or concerns.
  • Professional Service: Our team is comprised of highly-trained, thoroughly-vetted staff members—never outside contractors. We ensure courteous and professional handling of every aspect of your move.
  • Efficient and Safe Packing: We use advanced packing techniques to guarantee that all your office equipment and documents are securely packed and remain undamaged throughout the move.
  • Punctual Delivery: We prioritize on-time delivery, enabling you to resume business operations without unnecessary delays.
  • Transparent Pricing: Our pricing is straightforward and competitive, allowing you to easily evaluate the exceptional value and quality we provide compared to others.

At Fresh Start – The Moving Crew, we respect the hard work you put into your business and understand its importance to our community. If your enterprise is planning a move, allow us to support your continued success by handling the complexities of your relocation. Let us help you keep your focus on what matters most—thriving and serving our community.

In-House Moving Assistance

While we are experts in moving people from one home to another, we recognize that not all moves involve a change of address. Sometimes, you just need a little help rearranging the furniture in your home. Whether it’s updating the layout of your living room or swapping bedrooms in your house, these tasks, while seemingly small, can be surprisingly demanding.

Instead of spending your day struggling with heavy furniture, risking injury, and exhausting yourself just to change the scenery inside your home, why not let Fresh Start – The Moving Crew handle the heavy lifting? Our team of skilled movers can efficiently reposition your furniture, ensuring everything is exactly where you want it without any of the hassle or physical strain.

Our internal moving services are designed to help with any in-home furniture rearrangements, including:

  • Shifting couches and bookshelves to refresh your living space.
  • Switching bedrooms to better accommodate your family’s needs.
  • Rearranging office furniture to optimize your workspace.

No task is too minor for our careful consideration—so don’t risk a back injury moving your dresser or a twisted ankle navigating a coffee table. We’re here to make even the smallest moves within your home as effortless and pain-free as possible.

Additionally, if you decide that a piece of furniture doesn’t fit in with your new layout but you’re not ready to part with it, our storage services offer a safe and secure option to keep your beloved items until they’re needed again. Whether it’s a cherished armchair or a family heirloom, we can store your items securely until you find the perfect place for them in your home. Let Fresh Start – The Moving Crew help you make your internal changes with ease and comfort.

Specialized Government Relocation Services

Fresh Start – The Moving Crew takes great pride in serving as a reliable moving partner for the public sector. We understand the unique needs of government employees and agencies, from military members to various governmental departments, who require the utmost professionalism and efficiency in their relocations. We believe that those who dedicate their lives to public service deserve nothing less than the highest quality of service in return.

Our expertise in handling government relocations is showcased through our “White Glove” service model, which ensures a seamless, stress-free moving experience. This premium service includes:

  • Open Communication: We maintain clear and continuous communication throughout your move, ensuring you are always informed and can easily reach us with any questions or concerns.
  • Quality Service: Our team consists only of highly-trained, thoroughly vetted staff members—no outside contractors. This allows us to maintain control over the quality of service provided.
  • Efficient and Safe Packing: We employ advanced packing techniques to ensure all items are securely packed and remain undamaged throughout the move.
  • Prompt Delivery: We understand the importance of timeliness, especially for government operations, and ensure prompt delivery to keep your transition on schedule.
  • Transparent Pricing: Our pricing is straightforward and honest, allowing for easy comparison and assurance of value.

At Fresh Start – The Moving Crew, we recognize that government agencies need to focus on their critical roles rather than the details of moving logistics. By prioritizing efficiency and professionalism, we aim to support the essential work you do for our community and our country, ensuring that your move is as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

Expert Packing Services

Even if you and your family are exceptionally strong and able to handle the physical aspects of moving, there’s more to relocating than just lifting boxes. Preparing your possessions for the move is crucial to ensure they arrive at your new home in the same condition they left. To avoid the heartbreak of damaged or lost items, professional packing is essential. At Fresh Start – The Moving Crew, we provide the expertise, materials, and time needed to safeguard your belongings.

Don’t let your valuable heirlooms, delicate china, or new dinnerware risk damage during transport. Our team meticulously wraps and packs each item, guaranteeing that everything from your glassware to your furniture is thoroughly protected. With our help, you can rest assured that your possessions will withstand the journey unscathed.

Additionally, if you need to store items, whether temporarily or for a longer period, we offer solutions that extend beyond mere transportation. Our climate-controlled, secure storage facilities are ideal for preserving sensitive items like books, sculptures, artwork, and documents. Forget worrying about subpar storage conditions—our facilities are clean, well-maintained, and safeguarded against pests and the elements.

Choose Fresh Start – The Moving Crew not only for moving but also for comprehensive packing and storage services. Trust us to handle and store your valuables in our pristine, secure warehouse, ensuring they remain in perfect condition until you’re ready to use them again. Whether it’s packing for a move or preparing for storage, we cover all bases to provide peace of mind and protection for your belongings.

Secure Storage Solutions

In between leases or during home sales, you may find yourself needing temporary storage for your belongings. It’s easy to find a temporary home for yourself, but what about your extensive vinyl collection or that cherished living room set? Or perhaps you’re remodeling and need to clear out rooms temporarily without cramming everything into an already tight space. Maybe there’s a gap between your apartment leases, and you recall the unfortunate incident of water-damaged books and lost items in a friend’s basement.

Whatever the scenario, Fresh Start – The Moving Crew offers top-tier storage solutions that cater to any situation. Our process is straightforward and secure: we carefully pack your belongings into sealed containers and store them in our climate-controlled warehouse. This ensures that your items, whether they’re fragile vinyl records, valuable furniture, or an entire personal library, are preserved in pristine condition, safe from pests, humidity, theft, or misplacement.

We are committed to providing more than just storage; we ensure peace of mind. You can rest assured knowing that your belongings are protected with the utmost care while they wait to be reintegrated into your living space. Our dedication to customer service is consistent across all our services, whether it’s local or long-distance moving, packing, or storage.

At Fresh Start – The Moving Crew, we treat every item as if it were our own. Your possessions are not just stored; they are cared for by professionals who understand the value of what they safeguard. This commitment to excellence makes us a trusted name in storage solutions throughout Worcester County and New England. We ensure that every client feels satisfied, heard, and respected, guaranteeing that your items are safe and will return to you in the same condition they were entrusted to us.