In our last blog we gave you some very important tips regarding packing your house or apartment while getting it ready for your local movers to come and transport. Those tips included having a packing room, using bedding as a packing material, and packing heavy stuff in small boxes and light stuff in large boxes.

That’s far from all you need to know, though. Here are a few more helpful hints.

Mark the Room That Each Box Will End Up In

You’re not just packing to pack; you’re packing to move your stuff to a specific place. So be as specific as possible by marking each box with the room in which it will eventually end up. That way you’re not moving boxes multiple times once you get to your new home. Mark anything you’ll need right away, like scissors and box cutters, with special a special symbol so that you can identify it quickly.

True story: we had a friend who moved from Illinois to Portland. After three days in the moving van (with a Dalmatian beside him, no less) he was very interested in returning that uncomfortable moving van as quickly as possible and putting the experience behind him. So when unloading he just dropped every box in the living room. The wife wanted him to look into each box first and then take it to the right room, which created quite the rift between them on an already stressful day. If they had just labeled everything better, that extra step of opening every box first would have been avoided.

One last thing: label on at least two sides with your sharpie. It will be much harder for the room information to hide if you’ve labeled on more than one side.

Put Things Inside Things

Don’t unpack your dresser just to pack it again. Think about it, all of those socks and t-shirts might add 20 pounds to your dresser, but that’s nothing that professional movers like us can’t movers 5handle. It saves you time if you don’t have to pack your delicates, and it saves space in the moving truck if there’s not a “delicates” box. Similarly, use your suitcases as a packing box, and put small kitchen item into your blender before you pack it.

Take A Few Things With You

Don’t put your toothbrush in a box that’s going in the moving van! The same thing goes with medications, cell phones, and fresh fruit (don’t ask us how we know). If you can’t sleep on any pillow but your own, take it with you in your car instead of packing it. You may only be moving across town, but you don’t want to lose track of which box something important is in.

Well, that’s about it. If you’re the type of person who want to pack everything themselves, we hope these tips from your local professional movers and packers has been useful. When you’re all packed up, contact us and we’ll get you where you need to go!