Some of you might read the title of this blog and thinks “of course I’m not going to ask my employees to move their own stuff.” Others might be thinking “they’re on the payroll, I’m going to get the most of them that I can!” In this scenario, we’d like to try to convince you to take the former attitude: employees should never help you move when your business changes locations.

Danger to the employees

This is certainly the most important reason you should hire a moving company instead using your employees as your movers. If your employees get hurt, you’ll be liable. You’ll also lose that employee’s talents for the amount of time they’re off work. You might think you’re alright if you only have them move their computers and monitors. But when they break a toe because they dropped their Dell, you’ll be wishing you hired professional movers. And speaking of dropping computers…

Danger to the equipment

Using your employees to move your office equipment is just inviting trouble. Monitors, computers, servers, printers…all of this is in danger if you let your employees move their own stuff.

You lose their time

If you run a typical 8-5 Monday to Friday business, having your employees help you move means that you’re losing their productive time during the week. The best way to do it is to have us move you on a weekend so that your employees spend all of their working time on business.

Fresh Start Movers is ready to help you move your business without endangering your employees or equipment. Contact us when it’s time to move on up!