Whether you’ve decided to move or something is forcing you to move, moving everything yourself is never as easy as you think it’s going to be. Here are three reasons you should consider hiring a moving company instead of doing it all yourself.

You’ve Got Other Stuff To Worry About

If you’re moving, you’re moving for a reason. And with every reason comes problems and semantics that are taking up a lot of mental real estate. If you’re moving because you got a new job, your mind is preoccupied with that. If you’re moving because you just built a new house, you’re probably still dealing with contractors and landscapers. All this to say that you’ve got enough on your mind without having to worry about how much bubble wrap to buy, how many boxes you’ll need, and what friends you’re going to have to call to get that piano down the steps.

You Won’t Get Hurt

Speaking of moving large items, moving is a time when many, many people get hurt. Sure, people break toes when the refrigerator drops (they also break refrigerators!), but pains come in the form of back injuries. And as you probably know, back problems are something that can stick around for the rest of your life, so it’s a lot easier to hire a moving company to ensure you don’t get injured in the first place.


We talked before about how easy moving used to be, when you were moving into a dorm or from your parent’s house into your first apartment. But most clients who hire moving companies have three or four bedrooms worth of stuff, as well as a living room with chairs, two couches, a big TV, bookshelves, a full garage (that may or may not have so much stuff that they can’t fit a single car in it), and a basement with more of the same. Add to that all the kids’ stuff and more clothes that you can count…the need to hire professional movers becomes clear.

All of that, plus you don’t have to figure out the size of truck you need. Fresh Start Movers will take care of everything when you’re moving anywhere in New England. Contact us today!