Here at Fresh Start, we’re movers and packers. It’s what we do nearly every day of the year, and what we’ve done for over a thousand moves in the Worcester area and far beyond. Some people hire us to move their business, some people hire us to move that old freezer in the garage, and still others will have us haul stuff they’ve inherited into a storage unit.

More than anything, though, we help people move from one home to another. Sometimes we’ll do all of the packing for them, and other times everything is ready to go when we get there. If you’re in the latter group and are more apt to pack your boxes yourself, we’ve got some advice on how to make everything go as smooth as possible before we arrive.

Create A Packing Room

Having a packing room can go a long way to keeping your house or apartment better organized while you pack. Take a room that might not have much in it — a spare bedroom, perhaps — and clear it out as much as possible. Take the bed apart and stack it against the wall. All boxes you pack from then on can be placed into that room, making it easier to move around the rest of the rooms you’re packing. It can also be the place where you keep the unassembled moving boxes and packing supplies. Whenever anyone asks where the packing tape is, you’ll know exactly where to send them.

Beware the Boxes of Books

A bookshelf full of books is one of the first things that people tackle. After all, books are an easy target: you won’t be needing to access them immediately after the move, the shape makes them easy to pack, and it gives you a feeling accomplishment to get the bookcase dusted and ready to go.

The problem is that books are so easy to pack that people will often grab a large box and get packing. When it’s full, it becomes too heavy to lift! Instead, grab the smaller boxes and fill them with books, and the larger boxes can be kept for lightweight items such as comforters and duvets. And speaking of bedding…

Use Big Fluffy Stuff As Packing Material

Why spend hundreds of dollars on bubble wrap when a pillow can do just as well? Place a pillow in the bottom of a large box and then moving 4pack bubble-wrapped individual fragile pieces on top. Stuff a tablecloth around the sides and then top it all off with another pillow!

Well, that’s only three good ideas from your local movers and packers, and we have so many more. Come back for the next blog and we’ll and we’ll clue you in on some other great packing tips. And if you’re packed and ready to go,
give Fresh Start a call
 and we’ll come load it up!

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