When most people think of moving companies, they almost always thing “house to house.” Secondarily they might imagine someone moving from an apartment and into a standalone house. But those are far from the only ways that we use our moving trucks. Let’s take a look at some of the other ways in which we transporter people’s property with expert care.

We Can Move It To Storage

As we mentioned in a previous blog , if you’ve inherited a house you don’t want to get rid of stuff too quickly; accidently donating something precious or throwing out some important paperwork. At the same time, upkeep on an unlived-in house can be expensive, and you probably want to get it on the market as soon as possible.

We can help you move all of this stuff out of the inherited house and into your home or a storage unit. That way the house can be sold and you can still take your time going through everything that is, or could be, important to you. After we’re done moving everything for you, whatever’s left (after your final inspection) can be removed with our clutter capture service , and we’ll get it out of there so that the house can go on the market. And speaking of clutter capture…

We Can Dump It

You don’t even have to be going anywhere to take advantage of the services that Fresh Start: The Moving Crew Offers. If you simply want to get rid of stuff that been building up around your house, let us dispose of it properly. We can clean out stuff that’s in the garage, basement, shacks, and anything that’s in your yard. Let us get it out of your life for good with Clutter Capture!

We Can Help You Donate Items

Some large items will be rejected by donation centers; mattresses and tube televisions come to mind. But other items are happily accepted, such as bed frames, dressers, and some appliances. If you’re thinking of donating these items, save your back and let us take care of them. We’ll get the item(s) out of your home safely, into our truck, and you can write off the donation on your taxes.

If You’re Downgrading

Not everyone in at the point in life where they are looking to get more square footage in a home. Baby Boomers are moving from large homes into smaller townhomes and condos. Other people have experienced financial hardships and must move from a house into an apartment.

We can help you get large items where they need to be. If you can’t take that piano to your new townhouse, have us take it to your grandkids’ home so that they can learn to play. If you’ll no longer be needing a freezer full of meat because your kids have moved out, we can help you donate it to Goodwill. And if you’re only planning on being in an apartment for a short time until you get back on your feet, we can help you put large items into storage.

No matter your moving needs, Fresh Start: The Moving Crew is here to get your items where you need them. Contact us today!