If we’re only being your movers, there’s something you need to do before we get there…pack! If we show up and you’re just putting together your first boxes, it’s certainly going to delay everything and add big costs to your moving bill.

Of course, if we’re being your movers and packers, you have less to do. We’ll box everything up, wrap your large pieces to prevent them from getting scratched, and even haul some of the leftovers away if you make use our our  clutter capture service.

No matter which situation you’re in, there are a few things to be sure to do before we get there. Let’s take a look.

Be There

This might sound like a simple aspect of the move, but if it’s been agreed that you’ll be there when we show up…please be there! While some of our customers have already left town and leave all the moving and packing to us, others will be there to to open up the house and tell us more about what’s going and what’s not.

We know that you’re busy as you’re about to move, but it really is important that there are no delays during the day. If you’re running out to grab another four pack of packing tape, leave someone behind so that we can get started.

Purge If You Need To

Before you move, it’s always a good idea to get rid of as much as you can. Our previous blog was all about things you shouldn’t take with you when you move, and getting rid of them before we get there (or, at the very least, getting them out of the way) will make everyone’s lives simpler.

If you want to take that antique dresser that’s in the basement but it’s behind a huge pile of empty boxes that you’re going to recycle anyway, you’ll probably want to get rid of those so that we don’t have to spend so much time moving empty boxes. (Again, our junk removal service can take care of it for you.)

Can You Open Your New Door?

Make absolutely sure that we can get into your new place when we get there. If you’re moving into an apartment, call ahead to ensure the landlord will be there to give you your new keys. If we’re moving you to a new house and you don’t have the keys yet, get on the phone and start pressing your real estate agent to get there early and pass them off.

If we can’t get into your new abode, we can unpack exactly zero items. And unfortunately, delays will cost you money.

Give Us Warnings

First of all, if you say “load up everything in the truck,” we’re going to load up everything in the truck! Now when it comes to large items, it should be obvious as to whether they going or not based on our initial quote. For instance, we won’t be loading up the refrigerator unless you’ve told us to.

But what about your travel bag? You know, that bag that has your toothbrush, deodorant, and hair brush that you were going to be taking in your car. We need to know what isn’t going into the truck so that we don’t trap your prescription medications behind two bedframes and the washer/dryer combo.

When it comes right down to it, the Boy Scouts had it right: be prepared. Moving can be a great experience, or it can be a crazy time where you packed everything but then realize you aren’t wearing any shoes. If at all possible, take your time and things will be much easier. The best thing is, our movers have help!
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