When it comes to moving, there’s so much to get done. Buying boxes, packing up everything (we can handle both of those), transferring utilities to the next person, closing out your bank accounts, and a thousand other tiny tasks that have to be accomplished before you can move.

But there’s one aspect of moving that many people ignore…the mental and emotional toll that can occur when you move. That’s why people are of so many different moods when we show up on moving day. Let’s take a look at the moods that people get in when the professional movers arrive.

The Relieved

It’s no surprise that many people are “movin’ on up,” as the theme song to The Jeffersons goes. (Ah, the good old days when television theme songs were over a minute long instead of forcing two extra commercials down your throat.) Many people are moving from an apartment to a fancier apartment in a better part of town. Others are finally getting that house that they’ve been saving up for for years. They’re simply ready to say goodby to the old place and are ready to start their new lives in a new place. Our movers and packers are more than happy to help them make the most of their new home by getting all the boxes exactly where they need to go.

The Downtrodden

Unfortunately, not everyone is heading up like the Jeffersons were. Some have lost a job and can’t afford the rent anymore. Some people are being evicted, others are being foreclosed on. No matter the situation, people who are being forced to leave are never in the greatest of moods. That’s yet another reason why those who work at our moving company will always be as friendly as possible, because we understand that not everyone is looking forward to the move. Still, we’ll make it as easy on you as possible.

The Sorrowful

Moves can be planned months in advance. Many times it involves someone getting a more desirable job in a different town, other times a family welcomes another child and simply needs more space. But just because the reasons for the move might be positive, leaving the old home behind might not be. Humans can get very attached to a house, and nostalgia can be powerful. The longer you live in a house, the more life events occur there: working on remodeling projects together, bringing the baby home, baby’s first steps, starting a garden, second baby’s first steps, first day of school pictures on the front steps…you get the idea. Leaving a home can be difficult, and while we’re happy to move you onto your new and better house we understand why you’ve gotten so attached to your current home.

As your moving company, we’ll do whatever we can to make your move as pleasant as possible. We understand that our customers are going through a lot, and we’ll always be as accommodating as possible. If you’re ready to deal with the friendliest moving crew around, contact Fresh Start: The Moving Crew today!