At our moving company, we’re not just offering our service as movers. We’re so much more than simply moving that mattress, piano, or bookcase. We’ll pack up the sheets that cover the mattress, the music you play on the piano, and the books that go on the bookcase.

Of course, none of those items are particularly breakable. That’s why we’ll carefully pack the antique lamp that was next to the mattress, the Beethoven bust on the piano, and the kids’ glazing art project they brought home from school that’s been gracing the bookcase shelf.

No matter the cost, fragility, or emotional attachment you have to the items that you’ve called packers and movers to transport from one place to another, you want it to show up in the exact same condition that it left your house. Let’s take a look at some that people are the most concerned about.


Here’s the interesting thing about electronics…pretty much everyone wants them to be set up as quickly as possible! We can’t blame you, because after all the planning for the move and the big day itself, you want to kick back and think about anything other than the boxes that surround you. So most people want the TV and/or gaming system to be one of the first areas set up and working. Of course, it’s only going to be working if all components were transported correctly, and that’s what our packers and movers are here for.


What people collect has changed considerably over the years. 40 years ago most people were content to pick up a matchbook from wherever they went. Today, people can get pretty obsessive about their collections and spend many, many thousands of dollars.

Lucky for you, our movers and packers are all ready to move your collection safely from one place to another. Whether you already have everything neatly boxed (like a comic book collection) or have your collection out on display (like ceramic figurines), our moving company has the amount of bubble wrap to get everything safely moved from your current home to your next.


As most people count down the days to moving, they try to eat through as much of what’s in the pantry as possible. But there are some food items that are definitely going with you. Truffle oil? You’re not going to race through that, and it’s much too expensive to pitch. The saffron in a glass bottle? That’s most certainly heading to your new home, as are the two dozen other spices in the pantry. We’ll make sure all of your food items are properly transferred so that you can get cooking as soon as possible.

Scary Garage Stuff

One of the most difficult rooms in a house to move is the garage. It’s such a hodge-podge of stuff, many of it dangerous (nobody ever baby-proofed a garage, because it’s impossible!). There are the sharp saws, the surprisingly-sharp shovels, ant bait, gasoline cans, wood chisels, and hundreds of other items large and small that can be a pain to move.

Luckily, you’ve got the Fresh Start moving services on your side. We can pack up everything to ensure that it gets to your next home safely. We’ll also pack it so that it doesn’t come in contact with any of the other items mentioned above. After all, you certainly don’t want a motorcycle motor next to you matress!
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