In our previous blog we talked about four of the most important attributes a person needs to have to be a great moving and packing employee. Of course, strength is vital, because a new hire is going to be moving heavy objects from day one. Stamina is another, because as quickly as our moving company works it’s still going to be a long day loading and unload the truck. Finally, we talked about spacial skills and how they can help you decide the best way to turn the corner with a piece of furniture so that it will easily fit through doorways.

But as we wrote that blog, more and more attributes of a good mover became apparent. So we decided to write this second blog to let you know what else it takes to be a good packer and mover with the our moving company

A Mover Needs To Be Courteous

Let’s start off with one of the most important things that a mover needs: courtesy. We hire movers based not only on their strength and stamina, but also how friendly they are. Each one will be interacting with our customers in some way, and we can’t have someone on the team who gets angry just because the dresser didn’t make the corner the way he thought it would.

After “public speaking” and “death in the family,” we understand that moving is one the most stressful situations in which a person finds themselves. A customer certainly can’t afford to have someone around who’s making it harder, and that’s why our movers and packers are always courteous and understanding.

A Mover Needs To Communicate

There’s a lot of teamwork involved in moving a house or apartment full of stuff. Beds, dressers, kitchen tables, pool tables, and pianos all require at least two people to move them. That’s why a closed-lip mover isn’t going to last long. Movers must talk to each other — and be willing to listen — so that each piece of heavy furniture gets where it needs to be. Of course, we’re also interested in the movers themselves being safe, and that’s why everyone needs to be in constant communication.

On that note…

A Mover Needs To Be Humble

What does being humble have to do with being a good packer and mover? Well, as a packer you need to be able to accept the fact when you can’t handle something alone. You have to be able to say “that box is too heavy, I’d better go get the hand truck.” And you need to be able to admit when something is too awkward to be safely taken to the truck by one person. Oh, and if your fingers start to slip, don’t see how far you can take something before it drops to the ground. Admit that the item is hard to hold onto, set it down, and readdress the situation with the person helping you carry it.

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