Here we are at the end of winter, and our moving company’s lower prices will be ending soon.

What’s that? Lower prices, you say? That’s right. During the winter it costs less to move. The simple fact is that most people would rather moving in late spring and summer, avoiding the winter as much as possible. So even though it might be cheaper to move in winter and we’re more than happy to get you moved wherever you need to be, many people still wait until the warmer months to move. Why?

Nice Weather Sells Houses

There’s no doubt that selling a house is easier when the weather is nice. As soon as the leaves are on the trees, houses tend to sell faster and for more money. That’s because potential buyers can more easily imagine themselves using the yard and enjoying the deck. Inside, windows can be opened up to freshen the house, which also gives it a larger and more open feel.

A person who’s really thinking ahead will secure their new home in winter and then sell their current house in spring, calling the moving company earlier in order to get a great deal.

New Year’s Resolutions Come To Fruition

The most common New Year’s resolutions all have to do with bettering oneself. And when New Year’s Day comes around, many people will make the resolution to find a better job. With that new job often comes moving to a different city, and that will require some moving services.

But getting a new job can take a few months. First there’s the procrastination that occurs, then the time it takes to read up on the latest style of résumé, then time to write the résumé and cover letter. After that there’s the waiting time before you hear back from the potential hiring company, the interviewing process, the offer, and giving two weeks’ notice at your new job. By the time the New Year’s resolution has come to fruition, it might be April when the move finally comes around.

Winter Moves Can Be Harder

While we’re the ones out in the cold and snow during winter moves, the colder months can still be difficult on the person moving. The doors to the house or apartment will be opening and closing constantly, chilling the space and making everyone a bit less comfortable. Plus there are numerous trips to the car for the mover, the threat of slipping on ice, and the fact that the windows can’t be opened up to deal with all of the necessary dusting and cleaning.

School Schedule

Of all the reasons that people choose to move in the summer, this might be the most popular. Many people have kids, and it’s much easier to move kids from school to school if they’re on some sort of break. This helps the kids makes the transition easier and also ensures that they won’t miss any schoolwork.

When it’s time for you to move, contact your local moving company. We’ll make sure you get the best in packing and moving not matter what time of year it is!