Boston is the state capital and most populous city of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, as well as the financial and cultural center of the New England region of the United States.

Reasons to Move to Boston, Massachusetts

Living in Boston, a great central location gives easy access to coveted vacation destinations, several beaches, and will be in close proximity to nearby metropolises, such as New York City and Philadelphia. Living in Boston is truly top-notch, an incredible and memorable life experience, from the diversity of people, world-class museums, shopping opportunities, four-star entertainment to cutting-edge food and drink.

Boston is big enough not only to offer all of the standard metropolitans pleases but is also small enough that you can walk it. Boston has been ranked the third most walkable city, having plenty of trails where you can stroll and enjoy the different neighborhoods, with so many lush green spaces, it’s the home of America’s first public park. Aside from offering well-paid jobs, high quality of life, and countless opportunities for career progression and innovation, the city is fast becoming a world leader in biotech and the life sciences, the top market for attracting recent grads with life science degrees, and is number one for funding from the National Institute of Health (NIH).

Reasons To Move To Boston

Are you a history lover?

Boston, Massachusetts is a history lover’s dream, the city is proud of its place in the history of its county. Faneuil Hall where hundreds of shops and restaurants have been the hub for shopping. Downtown Boston also has a number of department stores and unique boutiques for you to enjoy a fun day of shopping.


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Cost of living in Boston, Massachusetts

The cost of living in Boston, Massachusetts is 146. The cost of goods & services is 126, groceries 118, health care 117, housing 204, transportation 109, and utilities 126. The cost of living in Boston is 12% higher than the Massachusetts average, 46% higher than the national average, and 104% higher than the national average.

The average cost of living is $2911 in Boston, Texas which is in the top 0.3% of the most expensive cities in the world, ranked 27th out of 2202 in the United States, 32nd out of 9294 on the global list, and 3rd out of 92 in Massachusetts. The average household income is $107,608 in Boston, Massachusetts with a poverty rate of 17.96%. The median rental costs in recent years reached $1,685 per month and the median house value is $581,200.

Cost Of Living In Boston

What are the demographics of Boston, Massachusetts?

Out of 351 cities in the state of Massachusetts Boston is the 1st most populated city.

  • White: 52.11%
  • Black or African American: 24.20%
  • Asian: 9.82%
  • Two or more races: 7.25%
  • Other race: 6.26%
  • Native American: 0.31%
  • Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander: 0.05%

Boston, Massachusetts Population by Age and gender

  • Male Population:   48%
  • Female Population:   52%
  • 10 years:   9%
  • 10-17 years:   7%
  • 18-24 years:    15%
  • 25-34 years:   24%
  • 35-44 years:   13%
  • 45-54 years:   11%
  • 55-64 years:   10%
  • 65+ years:   12%

The median age is 32.2 years in Boston, Massachusetts 31.7 years for males, and 32.7 years for females.

Things to do in Boston, Massachusetts

While saying goodbye to summer is In Boston, MA always bittersweet, favorite activities from the summer season like outdoor dining and rooftop drinking will be within reach in Fall as well, and the area also hits its stride as the weather cools off with lots of spooky activities and premier foliage views. Boston invites visitors to explore the vibrant culture, trace the Freedom Trail through the heart of the city, uncover Boston’s past while enjoying its distinctively modern edge, browse collections of masterpiece artwork in the city’s many museums, then get beyond the city limits to old-fashioned villages, Cape Cod’s sandy beaches, or one of New England’s top shopping destinations. From breathtaking hikes and local road trips to picturesque apple orchards and Halloween festivities, we have rounded up the following best things to do all season.

  • Museum of Fine Arts
  • Boston Public Garden
  • John F. Kennedy Presidential Museum & Library
  • Yummy Walks
  • Beacon Hill

People Live In Boston

How many people live in Boston, Massachusetts – Population?

Thanks to this immigration boom, Boston is experiencing colossal growth lately, Boston’s population is growing younger, as nearly one-third of its residents are 20-34, which is younger than most other major cities in the county.

Located in Middlesex County and Suffolk County Massachusetts, Boston is a city with a population of 687,257, currently growing at a rate of 0.85% annually but its population has decreased by -0.30% since the most recent census. Boston is the largest city in Massachusetts and the 23rd largest city in the United States. Spanning over 90 miles, Boston has a population density of 14,218 people per square mile which is 1423% higher than Massachusetts and the median age is 20% lower than Massachusetts. The number of people per household in Boston is 2.4, 31.5% are married, 7.8% are divorced, 22.4% are married with children and 27.1% have children, but are single.

Boston, Massachusetts Weather

In Boston, the summers are warm, the winters are snowy and very cold and it is partly cloudy year round. The temperature typically varies from 23°F to 82°F and is rarely below 9°F or above 91°F over the course of the year. Boston, Massachusetts gets 47 inches of rain, 48 inches of snow, and 200 sunny on average, per year. August, June, and September are the most pleasant months to visit Boston, Massachusetts. The humidity in some summer months can be sticky or muggy but is usually comfortable in Boston. May is the rainiest month with 12.4 days of rain and September is the driest month with only 8.9 rainy days.

The warm season starts from June to September & lasts for 3.3 months with an average daily high temperature above 73°F. The hottest month of the year is July with an average high of 82°F and low of 66°F.

Weather Boston Ma

The cold season starts from December to March & lasts for 3.4 months with an average daily high temperature below 45°F. The coldest month of the year is January with an average low of 24°F and a high of 37°F.

Average Income in Boston, Massachusetts

The average annual salary is $80,329 in Boston, Massachusetts which works out to be approximately $38.62 an hour and is equivalent to $1,544 a week or $6,694 a month. Most salaries in Boston range from $63,735 to $96,414 annually. Jobs that pay more than the local average of $80,329 per year in Boston, Massachusetts include;

  • Diagnostic Radiologist:   $383,616
  • Cardiologist:   $376,766
  • Urologist:   $378,843
  • Anesthesiologist:   $368,316
  • Neuroradiologist:   $389,703
  • Orthopedic Surgeon:   $358,914
  • Hematology Oncology Physician:   $366,432
  • General Surgeon:   $364,879
  • Emergency Medicine Physician:   $368,050

Taxes & Utilities in Boston, Massachusetts

In Boston, MA, the average electricity customer is using 1,063 kWh of electricity per month and 12,756 kWh over the course of the year. Electricity user spends about $291 per month on electricity, on average, in Boston, Massachusetts. It adds up to $3,492 per year and that’s 26% higher than the national average electric bill of $2,778.

The minimum combined 2022 state, county, and city sales tax rate for Boston, Massachusetts is 6.25%. The Massachusetts sales tax rate is currently 6.25%, the County sales tax rate is 0% and the Boston sales tax rate is 0%. Massachusetts general sales tax is 23% higher than the national average and state income tax is 103% higher than the national average.

Taxes Utilities Boston Ma

Is Boston, Massachusetts good for singles?

Looking for an invigorating workout routine?


The gyms in Boston, Massachusetts offer a calm atmosphere letting you work out at your own pace. Boston, Massachusetts has been providing fitness options to its members perfect for the young professional. These gyms offer different group fitness classes, including BeaconBodyBarre, Core Express, and Power Muscle, to target specific body parts and fitness goals. These gyms also offer a lot of versatility with group exercise classes and are known for their motivating workout and high intensity. Few of the worth checking include;

  • MYSTRYDE Boston
  • Lifted Fitness + Performance
  • Beacon Hill Athletic Clubs in Boston
  • Inner Strength Studios
  • Commonwealth Sports Club


The busy, well-lit restaurants of Boston, Massachusetts has an aura of happy chaos, eater will find much whether new to Boston or lifelong resident. This bustling metropolis is lucky to have an incredible seafood-filled dining scene, has something to offer you every craving, diet, and budget. Many Italian standbys in the Boston area are especially beloved destinations with impressive cuisine and a warm staff.

Dine at places boasting globally-inspired cuisine, salad-based entrees, meticulously made pasta dishes, seafood specialties, fragrant Lomosaltado, delectable pastries, and other mouth-watering dishes. The glamorous, chandelier-lit dining room creates an elevated atmosphere for your special occasion-inspired menu. The limitless options await you by looking through the following list of the best restaurants in Boston and nearby.

Restaurants Boston Ma

  • Yume WoKatare
  • Tasting Counter
  • La Familia Giorgio’s
  • Fox & the Knife
  • La Morra
  • The Boiling Crab

Is Boston, Massachusetts good for families?

You are lucky if you are moving to Boston with family, Boston is overflowing with family-friendly activities during all seasons, but even more so in the summer. Boston has a variety of activities to suit your children, whether you want them to run around outside, soak up some culture at a museum or try something new.

How are the schools in Boston, Massachusetts?

Families of school-age children will find excellent public schools throughout Boston, Massachusetts. Boston is a hard city to beat if you are looking for the best state in the nation to send your kids to school. Boston is the place for scholars and for those ready to learn. Education, like history, is prevalent in Boston, Massachusetts. Along with being the location of several prestigious schools and institutions, including the renowned Harvard University, Boston College, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Boston is also home to a highly regarded public school system. These prestigious institutions are known all around the county. Wellesley, which has continuously been ranked as one of the communities with the best levels of education in America, is located about 16 miles from the heart of Boston.


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Approximately 24.25% of the population in Boston holds a high school degree, 19.67% have attained a college certificate and 26.55% have a bachelor’s degree. Boston schools spend $22,944 per student, there are 14 pupils per teacher and 864 children per counselor.

Middle schools in Boston, Massachusetts

  • Dover-Sherborn Regional Middle School
  • McCall Middle School
  • Wayland Middle School
  • Hopkinton Middle School
  • William Diamond Middle School
  • Weston Middle School

School In Boston Ma, Massachusetts

High schools in Boston, Massachusetts

  • Boston Collegiate Charter School
  • Pioneer Charter School of Science
  • O’Bryant School of Math & Science
  • Pioneer Charter School of Science II (Pcss-II)
  • Cambridge Rindge & Latin School

Colleges & Universities in Boston, Massachusetts

Hurches In Boston Ma

Churches in Boston, Massachusetts

  • Reality Boston
  • Mosaic Boston Church
  • Hillsong Church Boston
  • Renewal Church – Boston
  • Trinity Church in the City of Boston

Conclusion: Why you should consider moving to Boston, Massachusetts

Boston boasts robust employment growth and an unparalleled economy since it is the economic hub of New England. Many leading businesses are relocating to the region in search of the talented labor that Boston can provide thanks to the city’s prestigious higher education institutions.

Additionally, Boston has developed into an economic powerhouse as it continues to recruit both big, well-known organizations and new start-up businesses thanks to the promise of greater salary, stock options, fantastic benefits, and the chance to rise. Finding a job is simple in Boston because of the city’s reliance on the technology, finance, life sciences, retail, and healthcare industries. General Electric, Fidelity Investments, Liberty Mutual Insurance, and Steward Health Care System are a few of the best organizations to work for in Boston.

For more information about Boston, Massachusetts, and suggestions about different moving services that cater to your needs, contact Fresh Start – The Moving Crew at (508) 868-4291 or fill out our online GET A FREE QUOTE form to book your Local, Long Distance, Residential and Commercial Move.