An active lifestyle is your thing?

You’ll always have a challenge in Worcester, centrally located in Massachusetts, Worcester (“Wooster”) has everything you’ll need for an active lifestyle. The fun downtown and nightlife, culture scene, variety of neighborhoods, arts, family-friendly things to do, and easy commute to Boston and Providence have crowned the city. The city is located within driving distance of NYC close to Boston.

In addition, there are different neighborhoods to choose from in Worcester, some better than others. Furthermore, Worcester happens to be one of the top rowing venues in the county, home to Lake Quinsigamond, Rowers from all over come here to get some joyful time in the water. The most notable thing is, that the city is home to a total of 12 accredited colleges.

Colleges Worcester Massachusetts



Whatever the reasons for moving to Worcester are, the city beckons you with its charm. Contact your service providers to set up your new accounts in advance of your move to Worcester, MA. Although, Worcester is a wonderful place to live with its high-quality health care, affordable housing, and its growing education, overall, the cost of living in Worcester is slightly higher. Perhaps that’s because of the higher rates of Groceries, utilities, transportation, tax, and miscellaneous. The Public Works and Parks Department administers all four services i.e. Water, sewer, recycling, and trash, The National Grid provides electricity, and natural gas through Eversource, Internet, and cable services by the local cable franchise. Worcester hosts multiple athletic events in which everyone can participate to have an active lifestyle. Worcester has good options for education. There are ample chances for higher education in Worcester.

  • Worcester MA has a wealth of museums, theatres, and outdoor activities, which you will appreciate.
  • It has plenty of quality job opportunities.
  • Worcester is home to lovely parks and is home to inventors.
  • Worcester is full of year-round activities.
  • And places to visit; Worcester Art Museum, with works from legendary artists.



Worcester Massachusetts City

Enjoy an Affordable Cost of Living in Worcester Massachusetts

It is the second-largest city in New England and an affordable place to live on the East Coast. Fortunately, Worcester is one of the more affordable options in the Northeast if you choose to live when moving to New England as compared to Boston or Weston which can be expensive. The median sale price for a home in Worcester is significantly lower though higher than the national median.

The cost of living in Worcester, Massachusetts is slightly higher than the national average and low in Massachusetts. The overall cost of living in this Central Massachusetts city is 10% lower than the state average. The cheapest basic expense in Worcester is healthcare and the cost of housing is a surprising 39% lower than the state average. In Worcester, Massachusetts, 41.3% of the population owns their homes, while approximately 58.7% rent. The average cost of a single-family home is $324,367 which is the highest in the United States and low in Massachusetts. The average one-bedroom apartment cost is approximately $1,135 per month.


Top Neighborhoods of Worcester, Massachusetts

Charming neighborhoods and vibrant communities offer an assortment of fun things to do in Worcester and feel connected here. Worcester is referred to as the “Heart of the Commonwealth.” It strikes an intriguing balance full of historic charm but is also a modern hub for innovation known for having a young, skilled workforce who appreciate the affordability of the housing market while launching their careers. The median home value in Worcester makes it significantly less costly than surrounding cities like Boston.

There are six regions in Worcester, Massachusetts: North Worcester, West Worcester, East Worcester, Central City, Downtown, and South Worcester. The neighborhood is further subdivided into smaller areas. Here are a few of the area’s most popular neighborhoods that will make you pack your bags for Worcester right now. Although these areas tend to have lower crime rates and higher quality of life, in regard to housing disparity, the quality of neighborhoods within Worcester varies greatly.

  • Indian Lake East
  • Green Island/South Worcester
  • Green Hill
  • Beaver Brook/Cider Mill
  • Southeast
  • North Side
  • West Side
  • Cedar Street
  • College Hill and Quinsigamond
  • Canal District
  • Shrewsbury Street
  • Downtown
  • Highland Street
  • Cristoforo Colombo Park
  • Dodge Park


Worcester, Massachusetts Population & Demographics

Modern Worcester is known for its diversity and large immigrant population, with significant communities of Vietnamese, Brazilians, Albanians, Puerto Ricans, Ghanaians, Dominicans, and many different ethnicities can be found living within the city because it is always been appealing to immigrants from all around the globe. Nearly 21% of the population consists of Hispanic or Latino origin.

Worcester Population by Age and Sex

According to the recent Census of the U.S, Worcester had a population of 206,518, of which 50.8 percent were female and 49.2 percent were male.

81.0% of the city’s population was over 18 years old, and 13.6% was over 65 years old. 5.2% of the city’s population was under five years old.

The racial composition of Worcester, Massachusetts Population

White: 67.66 Percent

Black or African American: 12.96%

Asian: 7.25%

Two or more races: 6.37%

Other race: 5.20%

Native American: 0.51%

Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander: 0.05%

34.7 years is the median age in Worcester, 33.2 years for males, and 36.1 years for females.

Worcester’s humid continental climate

The weather changes rapidly owing to the confluence of warm, humid air from the southwest, there are many important factors that may affect your personal climate preferences including average temperature and humidity, wind speeds, number of cloudy days, annual rainfall, and snow, and more. In Worcester, Massachusetts, the shortest day lasts for 9 hours 04 minutes, it starts at 07:19 a.m. and ends at 04:14 p.m. and the longest day lasts for 15 hours 15 minutes, it starts at 05:10 a.m. and ends at 08:27 p.m. Summers are typically humid and hot, while winters are cold, snowy and windy. With occasional falls in October, Snow typically falls from the second half of November into early April. July is the hottest month, with a 24-hour average of 70.2 °F while January is the coldest, at 24.1 °F. It has almost 9 straight days of moderate rain per year and snow covers the ground 60 days per year. Worcester sees about 48 inches of rainfall per year, mostly during the spring and fall. Humidity in Worcester, Massachusetts is below 60% for approximately 25.4 days or 7% of the year.

Exciting Worcester, Massachusetts Jobs & Best Places to Work

Worcester has transformed into an education hub with its many colleges and universities and several nearby hospitals offering opportunities in the medical research, health care, and biotechnology field. Although, UMass Memorial Health Care is a top employer in Worcester, Finance, information technology, and advanced manufacturing are also leading industries within the metro area. Job creation is significantly higher here than the national average, try an education sector if you want to find a job in Worcester, MA. One of the primary employers is Polar Beverages, the largest independent soft-drink bottler in the country and is in Worcester.



Known as one of the top ten emerging hubs for tech startups, the city’s biotechnology and technology industries have fueled expansions at the University of Massachusetts Medical School and Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Education and health care make up a large part of the city’s economy. Colleges and universities make a considerable presence in the city’s economy.

In the city’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for 2018, the following are the top ten employers:

  • UMass Memorial Health Care
  • City of Worcester
  • University of Massachusetts Medical School
  • Reliant Medical Group
  • Saint Vincent Hospital
  • Hanover Insurance
  • Saint-Gobain
  • Seven Hills Foundation
  • Worcester Polytechnic Institute
  • Community Healthlink

Worcester, MA Schools Excels in Education

Worcester earns the best grades for its wide range of educational options and offers its residents not only a wealth of high-quality educational options but also a diverse and exceptional public school system and a number of stellar private and parochial schools serving the entire city of Worcester. Such a wide variety of options to choose from helps top talent in the region and enhances the quality of life for families. School choice is so important for families, especially for those having a child with a disability. There are 34 public elementary schools in Worcester, Massachusetts, rated 56.2 in the United States according to research and the average number of elementary school students assigned to a teacher’s classroom in Worcester is 14.



There are 4 public middle schools in Worcester, Massachusetts, rated 50.5 in the United States according to research, the average number of middle school students assigned to a teacher’s classroom in Worcester is 12.

It has 8 high schools, rated 52.3 in the United States according to research, the average number of high school students assigned to a teacher’s classroom in Worcester is 13.

The high school system offers career vocational-technical programs, like; engineering, health sciences, and culinary arts. Kids get trained in different vocational areas with the choice to either go on to college at the end of the training or go straight to work.

Aside from public and private K-12 schools, Worcester boasts several higher education institutions. WPI (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) is a famous technical college with a focus on science and technology.

With 12 accredited colleges in Worcester and the surrounding area, finding Higher education is easy in Massachusetts. Get your degree:

  • For mechanical engineering and computer science at “Worcester Polytechnic Institute”, which is one of Massachusetts’ best schools.
  • For business and marketing at “Worcester State University” another top college for top programs in the city.
  • For medicine, biomedical sciences, and nursing at “The University of Massachusetts Medical School” a highly-regarded medical school.



Take a Bite at Worcester’s Popular Restaurants

Fine and casual dining is a popular pastime in Worcester, Massachusetts. There are so many incredible places to eat covering all ends of the culinary spectrum. Make your way to:

George’s Coney Island Lunch for classic Coney dogs and Polar Orange Soda.

Smokestack Urban Barbecue is known for a Brisket Stack and Over The Top Fries.

Broth to find delicious ramen in experimental flavors like New England Clam Bake Ramen!

Salgabom Snacks is a fast-casual Brazilian spot known for its snacks and desserts like Fried Empanadas and Dragon Fruit Mousse.

Nuovo for Drunk Ziti or Classic Chicken Parmesan.

Lou Roc’s Diner serves homestyle breakfast (Italian Breakfast with hash browns)

Bocado Tapas Bar, saffron rice with chicken, slow-roasted pork in a charred onion and bacon broth, or any other combo, all gets washed down with Spanish wines and pitchers of sangria, mango, peach, and more styles.

Mare E Monti has absolutely delicious Anatra Croccante.


Things to Do & attractive Places to Visit in Worcester, Massachusetts

Looking for fun things to do in Worcester?

Check out some of the city’s great museums i.e. “Worcester Historical Museum”, and “Salisbury Mansion” to explore the city’s local history. To see paintings and sculptures from all around the world visit “Worcester Art Museum” the second-largest in New England next to Boston. Or head to the EcoTarium, which is a great science and nature museum for kids that has a planetarium, freshwater animal exhibits, and an outdoor wildcat station.



The city hosts multiple athletic events in which everyone can participate, including a variety of 5K races, Half Marathon, Greenway Challenge Team Triathlon, rowing, and can tour tons of local parks with plenty of great views, you will definitely don’t want to miss the amazing talent to celebrate the local arts.

Worcester, Massachusetts is just one of many cities and towns that has something special to offer and could be the ideal place to relocate.



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