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Worcester MA Mattress & Bed Moving Services

Best Mattress & Bed Moving Companies in Worcester

Here are some tips for moving a mattress and bed from Fresh Start – The Moving Crew:

  • Clean the mattress and bed frame before moving.
  • Use a mattress bag or plastic wrap to protect the mattress from dirt and damage.
  • Disassemble the bed frame if possible, and label all parts for easy reassembly.
  • Use furniture dollies or straps to move the mattress and bed frame.
  • Be sure to properly secure the mattress and bed frame in the moving truck to prevent shifting during transportation.
  • Reassemble the bed frame and make sure the mattress is properly supported before use.

Benefits of Hiring a Mattress and Bed Moving Company

If you’re thinking of moving, you may be wondering if it’s better to move your mattress and bed yourself, or hire a bed & mattress moving service. You may have the impression that moving your own mattress and bed is more expensive, but that’s not always true.

Box spring mattresses are bulky, heavy, and difficult to move on your own

Whether you buy a new mattress, or just replace the old one, you have to consider how to dispose of it. There are several options, but many of them require a great deal of time and effort.

If you’re looking to get rid of your old mattress, you can take it to a local charity, or you can recycle it. Many materials, such as foam, can be recycled.

Mattresses can also be disposed of by incineration. However, the process is difficult, and they can generate toxic air pockets, which are a hazard in dump sites.

The best option for removing a mattress is to recycle it. Recyclers can recover 80-95% of the materials used to make the mattress. Materials such as steel, cotton, foam, and wood can be sold to companies that use them in products, such as insulation.

You can also recycle your box spring. Box springs add height to your mattress, and some warranties require that your mattress rest on a platform bed.

Depending on the type of mattress you buy, your warranty may be voided if you don’t put it on a platform bed. It can be a good idea to ask your salesperson about this.

Another option is to use a platform bed with a foam or hybrid mattress. These beds are usually designed to be self-sufficient, and they allow for under-bed storage space.

When choosing a mattress, you should look for at least 10 inches of thickness. This will give you the support and balance you need. Some brands offer white glove delivery services, and most of them will remove your old mattress for you.

For those who want a more modern and sleek design, a low profile box spring can be an alternative to the traditional box spring. Usually, the height is about half that of a traditional model.

They’re a chance to get adequate rest

The benefits of hiring a mattress and bed moving company are not limited to a new mattress and some ol’ fashioned sleep. If you are moving to a new home in a new city, the task of unpacking your new digs can be a daunting undertaking. Using a reputable moving company to relegate the heavy lifting to the movers and shakers will ensure your peace of mind. And if you are lucky, you may even get the added bonus of a nifty bed crafted especially for you! You know, the kind of bed that makes you feel like you are at a fancy hotel rather than a cramped dorm room.

Choosing the right moving company isn’t all that difficult, and if you’re on a budget, you’ll be able to eke out a decent night’s sleep and wake up feeling fresh and refreshed, without breaking the bank. For the cost of a rental truck, you could hire a team of professional movers to take care of the heavy lifting and get your slumber back on track. Or, if your move is a little more hands on, you can get a crew to reassemble your furniture for you. With the assistance of a moving company, you can take advantage of their many years of experience and expertise. Whether you’re a longtime resident or a first-timer, you’ll be well rewarded for your investment.

They’re a chance to get rid of bed bugs after a move

If you’re moving to a new house, it’s important to check for bed bugs. They can be a nuisance, and the sooner you find them, the better. Getting rid of them can be easy. It’s important to know where to look for them, as well as how to remove them before they can start multiplying.

Bed bugs are very good at hiding. To find them, you’ll need to take a thorough look at your bedding and furniture. You should also inspect your carpet, baseboards, and electrical outlets. These are areas that may seem to have nothing to do with bed bugs, but they can be just as infested.

After checking these areas, you’ll want to vacuum. Vacuuming will help get rid of any bugs. However, if you’re having trouble with bed bugs, you may want to contact an exterminator for professional assistance.

Once you’ve removed any bugs from your bedding, it’s time to move it to your new home. Be sure to store it in plastic bags. Doing this will keep the bed bugs from spreading from one room to the next.

In addition to putting your bed in a plastic bag, you should treat your other belongings. Whether you’re bringing them to a new home or simply storing them, you should bag them in clear plastic containers. This will help prevent the bed bugs from getting out of your clothes and onto your new bedding.

You should also treat any cracks or crevices you notice. Often, these areas are the most infested. Apply a residue of powder insecticide on the underside of your box-spring and in the area around the legs of the mattress.

They’re more expensive than renting a truck for mattress shipping

If you are planning on moving your bed or mattress from one location to another, you may be concerned about the cost of doing so. The price of shipping a mattress can vary considerably based on the size, material, and method of shipment.

It is important to determine if the cost of shipping a mattress is worth it. If it is not, you may want to consider buying a new mattress or tossing your old one.

If you have to move a bed or mattress, it’s usually best to hire professional movers. This can save you a lot of trouble and time. Most reputable companies will also be able to transport the bed to your new home at a very reasonable price.

In addition to the costs of moving a mattress, you’ll need to buy or rent a truck. Mattresses are heavy, so it’s best to have at least two people on hand to help you with the loading and unloading process.

Alternatively, you can have the mattress shipped for free. If you’re worried about the quality of the mattress, you can choose to use plastic wrap or bubble wrap. You’ll need to make sure you protect the mattress from dust, dirt, and moisture.

When you’re ready to start the shipping process, it’s a good idea to measure your bed frame and box springs to get an idea of how much they weigh. You can also use standard measurements for each item to estimate the total weight.

Before you start, make sure to pack the mattress and bed in a protective bag. Mattress bags are inexpensive and can protect your mattress from damage.

Once the mattress is wrapped, you can secure it with tape or straps. This is necessary to prevent it from moving during transit.

They’re easier to pack

A mattress and bed moving company can make your move easier. They are trained in putting mattresses safely on the road. The best part is that they are affordable.

Whether you’re moving across town or to a different state, you’ll need a truck and someone to help you get the job done. If you have friends or family members, they might be willing to assist you.

However, if you’re looking to save money, you can try a do-it-yourself (DIY) approach. You can find mattress bags, such as those you can buy at hardware stores, that can protect your mattress. Just make sure to tape the open end of the bag with moving tape.

A queen size mattress can be quite large. If you’re not confident in your ability to handle it, you may want to consider leaving it behind. It is also possible to rent a pickup truck and ship your mattress across the country.

Buying a new mattress is also a viable option. While it can be costly, it can be less stressful than moving your old one.

If you’re unsure about whether to do it yourself or hire a professional, you can start by reading TSI’s comprehensive mattress shipping guide. This explains the various ways to transport your mattress, and includes pros and cons of each method.

Mattress bags can be an inexpensive way to get your mattress to your new home. Some bags are even designed to prevent dust and dirt from entering the bag. Others protect your mattress from water and bedbugs.

Once your mattress arrives at your new home, it’s a good idea to check it for any problems. You can do this by lifting the corners of the sheet to give yourself more leverage. Similarly, you should check the mattress for lumps or signs of popped springs.