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Tewksbury Piano Movers

Serving the tri-state area, as well as long distance service, Fresh Start – The Moving Crew is available to make your piano or organ move an easy and enjoyable experience. We will provide a fully qualified team that will guarantee a safe and satisfying move. We are fully insured and highly qualified piano and organ moving company.

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Simply (and obviously) put, pianos are heavy. Most of the weight associated with a piano of any kind comes from the solid, cast iron harp; the core feature of the instrument that holds all of the strings in place. No matter what size piano, add to the harp a heavy wooden sound board and specialized wooden casing, thousands of mechanical parts made of various materials and along with a lot more. Even the smallest pianos (spinets, consoles) easily weigh in at 300-400lbs or more.

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Larger upright pianos vary in both size and height but usually start weighing in at around 500 lbs. The largest upright pianos can weigh up to 800 lbs or more and upright player pianos can easily weigh over 900 lbs. Grand pianos, of course, aren’t any different. The smallest grand pianos (usually 54 inches long) average in weight between 500-600 lbs. As grand pianos increase in size and length they naturally also become heavier. Larger grand pianos can weigh up to 1000 lbs and some of the largest “specialty” grand pianos weigh 1,200 lbs or more. So with an average weight of a quarter to over half of a ton, it’s advisable not to take moving your piano “lightly!” Call the experts – Fresh Start – The Moving Crew has been moving these instruments for Tewksbury and their neighbors for over a decade.

Don’t settle for an ordinary piano moving company and don’t attempt this special job yourself. At Fresh Start – The Moving Crew, we have been safMelrose
moving pianos of all kinds to and from all types of places and locations, and for every type of client for over a decade now!

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No two ways about it, new pianos are a “big ticket” item. When they were invented in the late 18th Century they became some of the first meaningful brand names, the first “status” symbols and were the first consumer item sold with installment loans. It isn’t much different today. New pianos are rarNorth Attleborough
purchased outright and older pianos, especially rare or highly desired models and antiques, can still hold a great deal of value. Damage caused to a piano as a result of moving (from a scratched finish to a broken leg, cracked casing or damaged sound and playing mechanisms) can be very costly in repairs and a significant detriment to your investment by decreasing its value. But also, pianos are highly sophisticated and delicate mechanical, musical instruments. Thousands of pieces of wood are glued together to form various parts of the playing mechanism (the action) and all told most pianos contain 7500 moving parts or more, all finHopedale
adjusted, tuned and tempered to make it possible to produce the most beautiful of music. If compromised even slightly during a move, your treasured musical instrument may never be the same. While a regular moving company may be able to handle some of the above considerations, in all likelihood they may not be properly trained nor have the specialized knowledge needed to protect and care for your pianos full integrity while moving. That is a concern.

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If the only factor was weight, moving a piano would be as simple as calling all your most muscular friends and having them show off their strength. But it isn’t really that simple. By design, pianos are not only large but also very awkward. Grand pianos in particular have a very unusual shape, and upright pianos are often quite tall. All pianos are built in ways that make it difficult to evenly distribute their already excessive weight when moving them. A small shift up, down, right or left can create a significant – and unexpected – shift in balance, weight and inertia. This makes lifting, carrying, turning and maneuvering any piano in or out of any home or building – especially around tight corners or up or down stairs – a job that requires experience and specialized foreknowledge.

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We’ve seen it in cartoons and comedy movies, but the reality is an out of control piano, such as moving up or down stairs, isn’t a laughing matter. Injury, perhaps very serious, is a real possibility while attempting to move a piano without the proper care and precaution being taken and knowledge about what can happen. Even a mild injury, like a pulled or strained muscle or back, can have lasting, if not permanent, effects. Injury aside, serious damage to the home, the building, the surrounding property and of course damage to the piano itself is a risk factor every step of the way. Protect your piano and your property, and most of all protect yourself; call Fresh Start – The Moving Crew for a safe and satisfying piano or organ move.

Tewksbury Piano Movers
Tewksbury Piano Movers
Tewksbury Piano Movers