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Pianos are simultaneously beautiful and impractical. They’re large and unwieldy, but the music produced on them is unmatched for simple spiritual joy. Whether you play yourself or you bought a piano for your children to learn on, the piano rears its massive head the moment you decide it’s time to move – or time to move the piano. Put simply, piano moving are a lot more involved than simply sliding them onto a hand truck and hauling them off.

Fresh Start – The Moving Crew: Piano Movers in Spencer

A piano is a delicate instrument. When hiring piano movers, make sure they specialize in the work. Don’t hire regular furniture movers or save money by getting friends and family to help. Pianos are far heavier and awkward than you expect. It takes expertise. Amateur piano movers are quite likSpringfield
to injure themselves – and damage the piano itself. And possibly even damage to either the home you’re moving the piano out of or into, as pianos were not designed to fit easily through doors, around corners, or upstairs.

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Here at Fresh Start – The Moving Crew, we have that expertise. If you’re moving house and that includes a piano, we make sure the removals quote specifies that experts will be moving your piano, and we make sure the cost is noted, including extra fees for steps.

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Don’t worry, we’re affordable – we only charge $3 per step, although there is a 3-step maximum at either end. Plus, we have experience with all types of piano removals. We can get your prized instrument where it’s going in perfect shape.

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There’s a reason that you hear the Fresh Start – The Moving Crew name whenever piano movers are discussed. In our ten years of operation we’ve been involved in more piano removals than just about any other company, and that translates into the kind of experience and skill that gets pianos from point A to point B not only undamaged, but in record time, and at affordable cost.

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Moving from one home to another comes with lots of frustration, especially if individuals do not have the means and expertise in dealing with packing, storage, logistics and mostly pianos. Due to busy schedules, many people these days seek help from professionals specializing in piano moving. A piano is not an easy item to move and if you don’t have the right equipment, you can easily damage it.

Fresh Start – The Moving Crew are experienced in all piano moving, especially your expensive keepsake items. A piano is no different. We have all the necessary tools and supplies to make moving your piano a snap!

Spencer Piano Movers
Spencer Piano Movers
Spencer Piano Movers