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Spcner One Piece Movers

One-Piece Moving in Spcner, MA
A professional one piece mover in Spcner, MA should be an established and professional Spcner, MA moving company like Fresh Start – The Moving Crew with the credentials and the dedicated training that is essential for techniques utilized in irreplaceable art and antique handling. Unlike other breakable items, artwork and antiques are generally inimitable pieces that exceed normal monetary value and can never be replicated.

Fresh Start – The Moving Crew: One Piece Movers in Spcner

Fresh Start – The Moving Crew has the patience, skill, and commitment to transport your one-piece work-of-art from one location to another whether it is for a local Spcner, MA relocation or through a long distance move. Before we proceed with the packing of your artwork and/or antiques, we feel that it is important to take inventory of each item through a photo cataloging process that will allow us to efficiently track the journey of each piece from the point in which we receive it until the moment that we deliver it safSomerville
to its new home.

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As your chosen moving company, the Fresh Start – The Moving Crew experts will begin the process by first preserving the integrity of each item with with bubble wrap to ensure complete front to back protection. If you need the services of an antique moving company in Spcner, MA , you won’t have to look any further, because Fresh Start – The Moving Crew will be the best choice for you.

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The process for protecting antiques is very similar to when we prepare your artwork. When we are ready to wrap and pack your artifacts, family heirlooms or other delicate antique furnishings, we will protect the exterior from anything that could create marks or cause discoloration. We will secure each object by wrapping it with a thick layer of pliable foam before the final step of using a specially designed blanket made with protective padding to cover in its entirety. We may add a layer of bubble wrap between the foam and blankets as an extra measure of protection to safeguard particular pieces that are exceedingly fragile or valuable.

To transport the artwork or antique pieces, the Fresh Start – The Moving Crew team will begin by carefully placing each object inside of our wooden crates, which are customized to fit the dimensions of the intended contents. In addition, our art and antique movers will include extra padding to fill all gaps for enhanced safety.

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This procedure will prevent movement of the artwork or antique pieces while inside of the crates and will alleviate the possibility of any damage occurring while in transit. Each crate will be loaded and placed in the truck with extra care and precision for stable positioning throughout the trip.

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If you require storage, your art or antique items will be well preserved within the climate controlled and spotless atmosphere of the storage spaces that we provide within the Fresh Start – The Moving Crew warehouse. We offer various short and long-term storage solutions for residential and commercial moving, along with options for artwork and antique moving. In addition, our property and individual storage spaces are secured and monitored through our state-of-the-art 24-hour digital
surveillance system.

Spcner One-Piece Movers
Spcner One-Piece Movers
Spcner One-Piece Movers