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Southwick Packing Movers

Packing Moving
Packing moving may seem like the most obvious part about moving. After all, it’s just putting things in boxes and then taking them out, right? Not quite. Our professional packing movers have the training and techniques necessary to ensure that your belongings get where they’re going safPaxton
and economically (properly packed boxes save money by eliminating damage and making loading efficient). Need everything packed up safHolliston
and professionally? We’ll get it all; even the lint in your drawers if you want.

Fresh Start – The Moving Crew: Packing Movers in Southwick

Just nervous about that 80-inch plasma screen and art collection? We can take care of it by building custom crates for transport. And if you want, you can take care of the rest. Feel like you can do it all with the right info? Great. Check out all our packing tips and videos so you can do it yourself the right way.

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Of course, the same goes for once you arrive at your new home. We can unpack everything and set it up exactly where you want. Or, we can just unload the boxes in the correct rooms. Using our Photo Perfect Packing™ service you can even have your new home set-up identically to your old home.

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Yep, down to the last detail. Your remote will be on the coffee table in its exact same spot. We can also get our Feng Shui master out to consult with you, followed by our eco-cleaning professional partners, followed by our home organizing partners.

You can get your boxes from Fresh Start – The Moving Crew, saving 50% off the cost of a new box while saving resources in the process. Here’s how it works: All of our packing moving boxes are made of 100% recycled materials. After you use them, we take them back and give you 25% back off the original cost.

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We inspect them for quality, sort and re-stock them or turn them into office materials for our headquarters or use them to make new boxes. We offer used recycled moving boxes to our clients for a 25% discount off the pDouglas
of a new recycled moving box.

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Yep, if you give it back to us, you’ll get that other 25%, too. Use the chart below to help you get an idea. (Keep in mind, however, the longer you’ve lived in your home, the more stuff you will have accumulated.)

Southwick Packing Movers
Southwick Packing Movers
Southwick Packing Movers