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Southbridge Piano Movers

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Moving a piano to a new place isn’t easy. And that’s where Fresh Start – The Moving Crew come in to make your piano-moving as hassle-free as possible. Want to make piano-moving easy? Moving a piano to a different room can be very troublesome, how much more if it must be relocated to a very far place? Are you planning to move your piano to a different location or does your move require the moving of the piano as well? Did you buy a new piano or have you sold yours and the contract includes its delivery?

Fresh Start – The Moving Crew: Piano Movers in Southbridge

The typical weight of an upright piano is anywhere from 300 to 900 pounds! This means someone can’t carry it on his own, and two people won’t still be able to. The piano is a very intricate piece of art that produces wonderful sounds to create music. Beautiful as it is, it can make you shriek once you handle it wrong and break it. For this reason, carrying a piano and moving it to a different place calls for help from people who are experts in this field.

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If you are still not convinced on why you need to get professional help, let’s put it this way: A top-of-the-line upright piano costs up to tens of thousands of dollars! Its cost is sufficient for you to buy your ultimate dream car or even a new house. A brand-new upright piano that is decent enough for an entry-level instrument may cost between $3500-$5000.

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of a new piano costs this much, repairing it is not cheap also. While refinishing piano costs may surStoneham
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s for the smallest upright piano with the most basic finish applied to start at $2000 and can go up to $7000. Looking at these numbers you may finally agree with me that moving a piano is not a joke and it requires the expertise of the people who are already trained and equipped for the job.

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We offer a wide variety of services that best fit your moving needs. You can choose the number of people to hire, and you will pay them by the hour after choosing the specific task you would want them to do. Since it is you who can estimate the number of hands you will need as well as your budget, you can be sure to get only the service that you need and pay the amount that is fair to what you can get.

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By working with our team of moving experts, you can rest easy in knowing that the people you hire are truly professional, dedicated, and well-rounded in their knowledge and experience to fully meet your needs and even exceed your expectations. The best way to fully understand the value that our company puts in our integrity is by getting our services and trying it for yourself. Contact us today and learn more about our services for you to choose the best one for you!

If this is your need then we have the perfect solution for you! Fresh Start – The Moving Crew Help U Move offers a Piano Moving Service that best fits your needs. Fresh Start – The Moving Crew is your local area moving expert, providing top quality, hassle-free service at competitive rates.

Southbridge Piano Movers
Southbridge Piano Movers
Southbridge Piano Movers