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Russell Senior Movers

Seniors Moving
If you or a loved one is a senior citizen planning to move, you may be considering a retirement village or a smaller home that better fits your needs. No matter where you are moving, we treat our senior moving customers with care. Whether you are moving into a retirement village/apartment or just downsizing to a home that’s more accessible and MAgeable, we can also accommodate special considerations senior moving may have when they move: You may not plan to take everything from your old home into your new one especially if the home you’re vacating is much larger, or you have lived there for a long and accumulated many possessions.

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We are happy to deliver all the pieces you’ve decided to keep to your new home, and upon request put other belongings into our secure storage facility or deliver them to the homes of family members or others to whom you’ve decided to give what you can’t use anymore. If you are moving into a retirement village, there will probably be moving codes that new residents need to abide by. These can include anything from which entrances/exits and lifts are available for moving large pieces to what days and times moving is allowed.

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We are familiar with most of the retirement villages throughout the Russell, MA suburbs and will work with both them and you to arrange the move in the best way at the most convenient time for a hassle-free moving experience. We provide cost-efficient moving services. Moving comes with a lot of expenses, and we want to help seniors save money by providing smart, efficient moving solutions without ever compromising on the quality of our services.

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We treat special items with special care. While our team consists of well-trained movers is dedicated to ensuring all of your possessions arrive at their destination in the same condition in which they left, we know that senior citizens are often keepers of the most precious family heirlooms. Valuable mementos, artwork, and furniture that’s been in the family for years should always be handled delicatRutland
, and you can trust that they’ll be in good hands.

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We offer flexible moving dates. At some retirement villages, seniors are placed on waiting lists for months or longer until a unit is available for them to move in. If the apartment is not available when you expect it to be or you learn at the last minute that one has become available, we can usually change or schedule your move even on short notice.

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We can pack everything for you. Packing up an entire household is truly a massive undertaking, which is why so many of our clients are happy to let us do the job for them so they can relax. With everything packed and ready to go, moving day will be as stress-free as possible.

If you are a senior citizen planning an upcoming move, we’d love to hear from you. Please call today to ask about our friendly, professional and cost-effective moving services.

Russell Senior Movers
Russell Senior Movers
Russell Senior Movers