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Pawtucket Furniture-Assembly Movers

Furniture Assembly Moving Services
Whether your company is moving existing office furniture or needing to assemble and place new materials, our trained and certified team can make it happen with minimal downtime. We have extensive experience with furniture assembly movers, shipping/receiving, disassembly, packing, safe moving, placement, and office furniture reassembly. We got the best furniture assembly movers in town, whether your office is moving within same office building or across town.

Fresh Start – The Moving Crew: Furniture-Assembly Movers in Pawtucket

With the proliferation of flat-pack furniture, many items in Pawtucket, MA houses and apartments have been assembled in-situ. Many of these items can be moved whole, though whether they should is a topic of endless debate in removals circles. There are a multitude of household items that may or will require a certain amount of dismantling and subsequent reassembly.

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As we are primarily an hourly based service, it makes sense to have these ready to go before we arrive, however personal circumstance may not make this possible. All our staff have been trained in dismantling such items and are happy to do so on request. All of our trucks carry extensive tool kits including power screwdrivers to make this process as efficient as possible.

Best Furniture-Assembly Movers in Pawtucket, Massachusetts

Furniture assemble moving though these come in a variety of difficulty, from simple drop in clips to multi layered seamless beds, Murphy beds or beds with lift-up under-mattress storage, there isn’t a bed we haven’t dismantled and more importantly, can’t reassemble.

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The majority of cots arrive in boxes and are assembled in the room, and whilst many will fit through the door to get out of the bedroom, many will not. Before a move, it is certainly worth measuring the door width against the width of the cot.

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Flat pack furniture, tall wardrobes may require a certain amount of dismantling to get them out of the room or down any stairs at either the pick-up or drop-off. It is also of note, that many of these flat-packed wardrobes were never designed to be moved in one piece and do not always have the structural rigidity to make their moving in one piece a safe option. We will always try to avoid taking a piece apart if we can avoid it, however it can be difficult to balance trying to avoid damaging your furniture and trying to avoid wasting time taking a piece apart unnecessarily.

Rest assured that you are in good hands while moving with licensed Fresh Start – The Moving Crew furniture assembly movers.

Pawtucket Furniture-Assembly Movers
Pawtucket Furniture-Assembly Movers
Pawtucket Furniture-Assembly Movers