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Groton One-Piece Movers

One-Piece Movers Groton, MA
We have a saying at Fresh Start – The Moving Crew, “We do a lot more than just move furniture!” Our one-piece moving services take care of all the things you wonder how you will ever manage. You love the grand piano that’s been in the family since forever; but how will I get it to where I will be moving?, you wonder. That’s where we come in. Fresh Start – The Moving Crew specializes in secure delivery of these types of one-piece items, whether it is a local move, or a long-distance shipment across Groton, MA. Whether you need to do a one-piece move such as a selection of paintings or vases, a few valuable items like antiques, a room full of furniture or a whole office, we have one-piece moving service options to fit your budget and timetable.

Fresh Start – The Moving Crew: One Piece Movers in Groton

We also offer “after-the-move” services such as picking up used packing materials, as well as home and garage cleaning services. We pack and move delicate items, to over-sized goods and equipment.
Estate Contents – Antiques, art work, heirlooms and other delicate, high value items, and taxidermy.
Big Stuff – Pianos and grandfather clocks, sculptures, large-format TV’s, and A/V equipment.
Household Specialty – Pets, plants, frozen items, appliances, firearms, and billiard tables.
Electronics – Plasma and large screen TV’s , home theater , and A/V equipment.
Vehicle & Marine – Autos, boats, motorcycles, and RVs.
Office, Medical & Commercial – Large and small office equipment, scanners, copiers, commercial printers, safes, heavy machinery, medical equipment, and fitness & sports equipment.

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Fresh Start – The Moving Crew offers clear and precise estimates for a complete moving package, with zero hidden fees or nickle-and-diming. Upon request we offer a flat rate quote for the entire process. We will set a date and time in advance for our trucks to arrive at your origin point to pick up your luggage. Envisioning a perfect efficient move? When you decide to contact Fresh Start – The Moving Crew you will consult live with an agent experienced with moving customers in your same neighborhood or area, Contact Fresh Start – The Moving Crew for the established pinnacle of stress-free total moving service. Our employees are the best in the business; our employees are paid higher than any old man with a van, ensuring our priority of quality in all we do. We can be reached by phone or email and will respond promptly and clearly to any submitted request or question.

Best One Piece Movers in Groton, Massachusetts

Perhaps you have some family heirlooms, like a harp, art work or fine antique china that you want to move yourself, but not sure how to pack it properly for transporting. Fresh Start – The Moving Crew will come to your home and do that for you…even if we don’t do the actual moving part. Or maybe you have a heavy safe or shop equipment that needs to be moved to the second floor. If we need to go up flights of stairs, or hoist items up over a balcony, we can do that too.

Groton One Piece Movers Near Me

Hanging chandeliers and sculpture are examples of items that need special care. Careful, precise preparation is essential to moving specialty items safWibraham
. Fresh Start – The Moving Crew will custom build crates for unique pieces, pack them carefully and securNew Bedford
, and send them to destinations or locations right here, within Massachusetts. We excel at what other movers might consider challenges. Let us help you with yours.

With our one-piece moving service, we can coordinate packaging, storage, freight and delivery to any destination in the world.

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Moving can be complicated; we recommend keeping packed objects consolidated and organized by room, as well as packing bags for luggage to be transported separatActon. The night before the move, confirm that the materials are organized and labeled – and then relax; we will efficiently take care of the entire packing process the following day. We offer an additional packing service; we will wrap and package every object of your luggage for transportation, so you don’t have to lift a finger. Rest assured that your move will not only be handled by an experienced foreman but that the home office will be available to address any issues that arise. On the day of your relocation, our moving team will wrap all of your furniture and any loose fragile items will be boxed. After documenting all objects being moved, the movers provide you with an inventory form, and load all objects for transportation. We will provide a specific delivery time and wait for your arrival at your new home. Also, Fresh Start – The Moving Crew dispatchers will never send out a crew without previous instructions of how to drive to each location. This is all to ensure that the move itself will be done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Groton One-Piece Movers
Groton One-Piece Movers
Groton One-Piece Movers