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Here are some Piano moving tips from Fresh Start – The Moving Crew

  • Hire a professional mover with experience in moving pianos.
  • Disassemble the piano if possible to make it easier to move.
  • Use a piano dolly or skid board to move the piano.
  • Use straps to secure the piano to the dolly or skid board to prevent it from shifting during transport.
  • Cover the piano with a protective covering to prevent scratches or other damage.
  • Make sure to have enough people to lift and carry the piano safely.
  • Measure doorways, stairwells, and other spaces the piano will need to pass through to ensure it will fit.
  • Be sure to empty the piano of any small items and personal belongings before moving.

It’s important to keep in mind that moving a piano is a delicate task, It can be heavy and bulky, thus it’s better to entrust it to professional movers who have the necessary equipment and experience to move it safely.

Benefits of Hiring a Piano Moving Company

If you’re moving a piano, the last thing you want to do is risk causing it damage. That’s why it’s important to hire a professional piano moving company.

Increased safety

If you are planning on moving a piano, it is important that you are aware of the potential risks involved. Moving a piano is a serious task, but the right tools and equipment can help you make the job safer.

The first step to ensuring a safe move is to hire a good piano moving company. These companies are trained professionals, so they know how to safely handle your piano. Professional movers will have the proper safety equipment, including specially designed piano dollies, straps and boxes. They also know how to disassemble the piano, load it in the truck, and transport it to its new home.

When choosing a piano mover, you should ask questions. This includes whether or not the company provides a damage waiver. While this is not mandatory, it can be a wise precaution to take. Also, you will want to check that the company offers a comprehensive business insurance policy.

Another helpful piece of information is how many movers will be needed for a move. You will probably need at least three to five movers depending on the complexity of the move. Some pianos weigh more than a thousand pounds.

Before you hire a piano moving company, you should measure your piano. Make sure to measure the width and length of your piano and its surrounding space. Additionally, you should measure any hallways or doorways it will pass through.

The size of the moving truck should also be considered. In addition, the truck should have the appropriate insurance. It is a good idea to look online for reviews about the different companies you are considering. Online resources will help you spot fraudulent moving companies.

You should also ask about their moving supplies. Some of these include special moving pads and grip gloves. However, you should not use these items on the piano itself. A better option is to avoid stacking boxes high around the piano.

Finally, you should get a bill of lading for the move. The bill of lading must have the moving company’s terms of cartage. By doing so, you will ensure that the company will repair any damages that may occur.

Reduced risk of damage

Moving a piano is a task best left to professionals. Pianos can be pricey and if they are damaged during the move you could be left with an expensive repair bill. Luckily, there are a few tips to minimize the damage.

The first thing to do is find a moving company that will take the job seriously. Make sure the mover is licensed and insured to handle the job. If you plan to hire a friend or relative to help, make sure they are well versed in the intricacies of transporting a musical instrument.

Keeping the piano in its proper container and using protective plastic wrap can go a long way to minimizing the risk of damage. Be sure to follow the storage instructions carefully. For example, avoid placing the piano in the middle of your living room or on top of your dining table. This could result in cracks in your flooring.

Besides the proper wrapping, a moving company will have a variety of moving supplies to make the transition a smooth one. One of these is a special dolly made just for moving a piano. They should also supply a piano moving board that will ensure the instrument glides through the doorways and onto the floor without scratching or damaging the surface.

The most important point to remember is that a piano is a heavy piece of equipment. It is not unusual to see pianos weigh up to 1,400 pounds. In fact, some piano designs may be as heavy as a small car. Therefore, it is important to have the right type of truck on hand. Some companies offer moving trucks with side gates and moving straps. A good moving company will have the experience to make the right choice for your needs.

The best moving companies will be happy to answer all of your questions and provide the best advice to keep your precious investment in pristine condition. Whether you are looking to relocate to a new home or are just looking to upgrade, make sure to ask for the services of a competent, reputable moving company.

Preparation for moving a piano

If you are preparing to move a piano from one location to another, you may want to consider hiring a moving service. Pianos are bulky, heavy, and delicate items that require careful handling. You will also need to have a plan and a team to help you.

First, you need to determine the size of your piano. Depending on your model and the new location, you may need more than four people to help you.

Next, you need to measure the doors and hallways in your home where the piano will pass. This will help you know how much room the piano needs to be cleared. Also, you will need to protect the flooring, walls, and any furniture that will be affected.

Once you have figured out the layout of your new home, you will need to prepare the piano for transport. This involves wrapping the instrument with soft, protective materials. These include moving blankets and straps. The lid and keys need to be wrapped in padding to prevent damage.

Several physical stores, such as Grainger and Uboxes, sell moving blankets. Some online stores, like Amazon, also offer moving blankets. In addition, you can rent moving blankets from Penske Truck Rental and U-Haul.

You should wear appropriate clothes when moving the piano. Use sturdy sneakers to avoid damage to your feet. Wear the right footwear for the type of piano you are moving. Remember to use a dolly and have the right number of helpers.

You should be sure to remove all of your furniture from the top of the piano. This will make it easier for the movers to load it. Additionally, you should wrap any sharp corners and edges of the doorway with cloth or plastic.

When you are moving a piano, you should ensure that the weight of the instrument is evenly distributed. It is not a good idea to shift the balance of the weight, which could cause leg breakages.

Having a strong and well-prepared team can help you ensure that your piano arrives in its new location in perfect condition. While you can do it on your own, a professional mover can save you time and stress.

Reduced cost

A piano moving company is a great way to get your musical instrument moved. However, the cost of hiring a company will vary based on the size, weight, and location of the instrument.

In most cases, piano moving companies will charge a flat rate for the move. They will also base their quotes on the type of instrument, how many stairs the move will take, and the distance the piano will be moved.

For a grand piano, you can expect to pay anywhere from $500 to $1,500 for the service. If you are moving an upright piano, the cost will be more. Larger pianos require more fuel and put more wear on a removal vehicle.

When choosing a company to transport your piano, you should look for a company with extensive experience with heavy-duty items. This will protect your piano, and help avoid expensive repair bills.

Moving a piano is a complicated and difficult process. It requires a strong team of helpers, protective padding, and proper lifting techniques. You’ll also want to protect the floors, doors, and stairways of your home.

Piano moving companies can charge as much as $2,000. These fees will be determined by your location, the size of the instrument, the time you need the piano to be moved, and other factors.

Depending on the complexity of your move, you may need a team of at least four people. Often, a full crew is required to move a concert grand. The minimum time required for a professional move is three hours.

Many piano movers charge a flat rate for the removal and delivery of the instrument. Some companies offer hourly rates. An hourly rate is useful for simple, time-efficient moves, but can be quite costly when complications arise.

Piano moving companies typically include extra costs for handling humidity control, re-tuning the piano after placement, and any damage caused during the transportation. Other companies may add a fee for moving the instrument up or down stairs.

Hiring a piano moving company can save you time and stress. But it’s a good idea to ask for a recommendation before you hire a company.