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Furniture Assembly Moving Service
When moving home, you will probably have large items like beds, wardrobes and dressers to move. These items can often be collapsed and packed away, making moving them much more easily. Fresh Start – The Moving Crew offers a furniture assembly moving service to all of our clients. We can take apart furniture prior to your move and put it back together when you arrive at your destination. With skilled handymen on the furniture assembly moving team, we can also carry out minor repairs. That includes putting up shelves and other general DIY tasks during the move.

Fresh Start – The Moving Crew: Furniture-Assembly Movers in Dartmouth

Call Fresh Start – The Moving Crew if you need furniture assembly moving assistance following a new purchase. We can put up your flat pack furniture quickly and safAshland
. Don’t risk hurting yourself or making a mistake – leave the job to the experts! We carry the tools needed to ensure that we can pitch in and help whenever the need arises. If an item proves tricky to move and is safe to take apart, we will do so and help you pack it as well. All fixings and attachments will be safPaxton
stored to prevent loss and we will reassemble your furniture at your new home.

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Our furniture assembly moving service is available for residential and commercial moves of all sizes. We will assess all items for disassembly and let you know if the task is possible – we will never take apart an item that we cannot rebuild or risk damage to an item. But, in the very rare event that damage does occur, we will replace the item with the same or an equivalent piece of furniture. All staff are covered by comprehensive insurance, hold relevant qualifications, and are fully trained in furniture handling. You can be sure your treasured possessions are in the very best hands.

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Just some of the items we can take apart and rebuild:
Beds and bunk beds
Desks and tables
Dressers and drawers
Storage units
Sofas and chairs
This is not an exhaustive list – unless the item is solid wood or similar and cannot be unscrewed, we can help you pack up all your bulky furniture and get it safWare
on the road.

With a detailed service, efficient activeness, and consistent results, Fresh Start – The Moving Crew has successfully become a worthy name in the furniture assembly moving industry.

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If you need a quote for furniture assembly moving and dismantling, or if you need more information about our moving services, please get in touch with Fresh Start – The Moving Crew today. Use our online form to request a free quote, or call us and speak to a team member directly.

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Through doing residential moves and furniture assembly move deliveries, Fresh Start – The Moving Crew realized early on that the ability to furniture assembly moving properly and promptly is a necessary skill to have. Most people either do not posses the knowledge, tools, or free time on their hands to assemble various furniture items. It also doesn’t help that a lot of furniture items can be very intricate and detailed in how they are supposed to be put together.

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