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Conway One-Piece Movers

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When you need heavy equipment or other bulky items moved, you can count on the team that’s been doing it for more than 10 years for Conway, MA and the surrounding areas. We’re Fresh Start – The Moving Crew and we specialize in safe and affordable one piece moving and movement. With our fully trained, expert one piece movers and our specialized equipment; we can move any one piece move from and to – any space. Don’t risk damaging equipment or having your employees injure themselves trying to move and carry heavy equipment.

Fresh Start – The Moving Crew: One Piece Movers in Conway

And unlike other movers who use their own employees to lift and move the back-breaking one piece move – we have a technologically advanced piece of equipment that makes any job safe and easy. The reason we’re the choice of commercial businesses in the area is because we’ve got the best piece of one piece moving equipment anywhere. With a load capacity of 600 kg and the ability to climb stairs… YES, climb stairs with its load – Fresh Start – The Moving Crew gives us the ability to move just about any one piece move or equipment to any place.

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Safety First – “Fresh Start – The Moving Crew” balances the load independent from its shape and weight. It’s also got an electromagnetic brake so that the operator is always in control. At just 1280 mm L x 540 mm W and with its advanced system of rollers and hydraulics – Fresh Start – The Moving Crew can fit into the tightest of spaces to move your one piece in and out effortlessly.

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Other Benefits of using Fresh Start – The Moving Crew to move your one piece include:
Fewer movers needed – You don’t need 4 movers to bring your one piece move up the stairs or into tight spaces. With Fresh Start – The Moving Crew, one or two movers is enough for just about any job.
Load sizes up to 600 kg – Don’t be fooled by Fresh Start – The Moving Crew’s size. It can easily lift and move your heaviest items – even up and down stairs!
Confined space movement – Fresh Start – The Moving Crew goes places that a fork lift just can’t. It can rotate in incredibly small spaces (85 cm/min).
Great for Sensitive and Fragile Equipment – Photocopiers, printers, and other items that need to remain horizontal or vertical, remain that way through the entire move with Fresh Start – The Moving Crew – even moving up or down stairs!
Outstanding Range – More than one item to move or lengthy moves are no problem. With 2 industrial strength batteries, Fresh Start – The Moving Crew can travel the equivalent of 50 flights of stairs on a single charge.
Know this – It was invented to carry and move grand pianos! There isn’t hardly a more difficult item to move. If we can move pianos, we can move your one piece.

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There’s more than a few reasons we’re the preferred mover for businesses throughout the Conway, MA area. At Fresh Start – The Moving Crew, we can assure you’ll get:
Fast service – When you need to move it ‘NOW’
The right equipment for the job at hand
Safe moving practices and fully insured
Affordable service
And more!

Your valuables come in various shapes, sizes, and weight. This is why you should trust Fresh Start – The Moving Crew to do the one piece moving for you – only experts like us can efficiently do the moving and guarantee the safe transport of your furniture and appliances. Antiques? Pianos? Aquarium? Glass tables? Name it, and Fresh Start – The Moving Crew will take care of moving it! Talk to us about our one piece moving services. We serve home and business owners in Conway, MA and other nearby suburbs.

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remove your appliances, furniture, and other belongings around the same room or floor, or from one room or floor to another.

Conway One-Piece Movers
Conway One-Piece Movers
Conway One-Piece Movers