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B2B Moving Process
At its core, moving an office looks a lot like moving a residence: sensitive documents must be handled with care and heavy furniture transported to the new location. The primary difference between these types of B2B moves is working around your schedule to minimize the impact on your business. If you work with us, all of your business equipment and furniture will reach the new destination safMarlborough
, and you’ll get great customer service every step of the B2B moving process.

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The first thing to do is get quotes from B2B moving companies. Fresh Start – The Moving Crew connects you with professional movers who specialize in B2B relocations. Call now to get quotes from one or more moving companies, then discuss the timing of your move and the services you require. Most movers will take your information and provide an over-the-phone estimate. Then, at your earliest convenience, you can schedule a walkthrough with one of their moving staff to assess the move and plan possible logistical strategies.

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From there, the agent will discuss storage options: are you moving all at once or spacing it out over the course of a few days or weeks? Will you need long-term storage for any reason? If so, the agent will most likSudbury
set you up with a good deal from a trusted provider. Finally, the moving coordinator will work with you to make sure everything is done according to plan. You may have as many people on-site to help as you would like, but the moving team – under instruction from the team leader – will take care of all the work.

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Many people are unaware of all the things that moving companies can do, especially when it comes to B2B relocations. Not only are professional movers responsible for transporting items from point-to-point, but they can also provide a myriad of other services as well. Depending on the size of your staff and how much equipment you’ll need to move, packing up an entire business can be time-consuming and possibly dangerous. Moreover, a poorly packed truck can lead to thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. Professional B2B movers are trained to pack and stack things the right way, which minimizes the risk to you.

It’s no secret that B2B moving is pEastampton
y, but when it comes down to hiring it out or doing it yourself, you’ll find out that the cost is not much different. However, hiring professional help makes for a much smoother transition! Instead of doing all the labor-intensive work yourself, you can find an experienced mover to do all the lifting, packing, and hauling instead.

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If there’s excess waste at your company, a professional mover may be able to help you clean out the debris before and after your move. Larger items like desks or cubicles can be cumbersome to take apart. For an extra fee, many movers will break those down into manageable pieces, then reassemble them at the new location. In case you want to take care of most of the packing yourself, moving companies can also help you find the right amount and type of boxes to get, saving you the hassle of guessing and possibly wasting money.

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To get started with your B2B move, please call Fresh Start – The Moving Crew today! Our agents are ready and waiting to help make your B2B relocation successful and stress-free.

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