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Ashfield MA Mattress and bed Movers
Mattress and bed Moving Companies in Ashfield MASSACHUSETTS

Best Mattress and bed Moving Companies in Ashfield

Welcome to Fresh Start – The Moving Crew, your trusted mattress and bed movers in Ashfield MA and the surrounding areas! Moving can be a stressful experience, but with our expert team, you can rest assured that your furniture is in good hands.

We understand the importance of proper handling of your mattresses and beds. That’s why we use high-quality equipment and techniques to ensure that your items are transported safely and efficiently. Our team of experienced movers will carefully disassemble your bed frame, pack your mattress in a protective covering, and load everything onto our state-of-the-art moving trucks.

At Fresh Start – The Moving Crew, we believe in providing our customers with the best moving experience possible. That’s why we offer a range of helpful tips to make your move as smooth and stress-free as possible. Before your move, make sure to clear a path for our movers, protect your floors and walls, and label your boxes clearly. Additionally, make sure to communicate any special instructions or concerns you may have with our team before your moving day.

As professional mattress and bed movers, we know that every move is different. That’s why we offer custom moving solutions tailored to your specific needs. Whether you’re moving to a new home, apartment, or dorm, we have the expertise and resources to handle your move with care.

So why choose Fresh Start – The Moving Crew for your mattress and bed moving needs? We pride ourselves on our commitment to customer satisfaction, our attention to detail, and our competitive pricing. Plus, with our years of experience and dedication to excellence, you can trust that your belongings are in good hands.

Don’t settle for anything less than the best when it comes to your move. Choose Fresh Start – The Moving Crew, your trusted mattress and bed movers in Ashfield MA and beyond. Contact us today to learn more about our services and to get a free quote for your upcoming move!

Benefits of Hiring a Mattress and Bed Moving Company

When you move, you may have to pack and transport a mattress. This is not a task that you want to take on alone.

The best option is to hire a mattress and bed Moving Company to help you. Here are the benefits you can expect when you do.


Hiring a Mattress and bed Moving Company can be expensive. However, it can also save you time and stress.

The cost of hiring a Mattress and bed Moving Company depends on the size and weight of the items you need moved. This is especially true if you are moving over a long distance.

Depending on the make and model of your beds, you may only need one Tasker to help remove small cot and single beds, while three to four Taskers are required for larger bed removals like king or bunk beds. If you hire more than one Tasker, they will charge you a rate per unit of work, which can vary.

You should be sure to hire a moving company that is licensed and insured. This way, they will ensure that your mattresses and bed frames are safe and secure during the transportation process.

If you decide to move your mattresses and beds on your own, there are a few things that you can do. The first is to wrap them in a plastic storage cover. This will protect them from moisture and pests. You can find these covers at home improvement stores or hardware stores.

Another option is to hire a truck or trailer. Many moving companies and home goods stores rent these vehicles for a reasonable price.

This is a better way to transport mattresses and beds than securing them to the top of your car. This can easily damage them and put them at risk of falling off the car.

You can also get a dolly to help you move them from the room where they are stored to their new location. A dolly will help you clear a path for the mattress and allow it to be rolled to your vehicle with ease.

In addition to a dolly, you should also purchase some packing tape and ropes. These are essential for the safety of your mattress during transport and will prevent it from shifting while being transported.

If you have a friend or loved one with a pickup truck, van or large SUV, they may be willing to help you move your mattress and bed. They can also offer to take care of the transport themselves for an additional fee.


A mattress is one of the most bulky and heavy pieces of furniture in your home. If you are moving to a new house, it is essential to have an effective plan for moving your mattress without damaging it.

The best way to ensure that you move your mattress safely is to employ a professional mover. This is an ideal option when moving to a new apartment or home because these professionals are trained in how to move large pieces of furniture.

Hiring a mattress and bed Moving Company will save you time and money as well as avoid any hassles and potential damage to your mattress or other belongings during the process. It is also the most efficient and cost-effective option when moving long distances.

You will need to pack your mattress and other items in a shipping container before sending it across the country. The costs of shipping a mattress range from $300 to $700 depending on the type of service and how far it needs to travel.

Using a mattress bag: For less than $20, you can purchase a plastic, heavy-duty mattress bag to encase your mattress and keep it clean and odor-free during transportation or storage. This will help protect your mattress from stains, dust, critters and other debris.

A mattress bag will also keep the contents of your mattress safe from being dropped and bumped during the transportation process. It is a great alternative to the traditional mattress box that you may have been using for years.

When you are moving a mattress, it is important to use protective clothing and footwear. During the moving process, your mattress will often brush against walls, doors and other objects and you can end up hurting yourself or causing other injuries if you don’t wear proper footwear.

If you are going to be transporting your mattress in a vehicle, it is critical that you secure it properly with rope or ratchet straps. Not doing so can result in the mattress shifting or falling, which can cause damage to other items on the truck.


When you move into a new home, it is important to make sure that your old mattress and bed frame will fit in your new space. Whether you have an adjustable base or a basic boxspring, make sure that it will be able to fit through doorways and hallways before you start moving it. This can save you time in the future and prevent you from having to buy a new bed and mattress set at a later date.

You can save a lot of money by hiring a Mattress and bed Moving Company to do the work for you. They have the proper equipment to take care of the heavy lifting, dissembling and reassembling of your mattress, so you can focus on the other aspects of your move.

The cost of a professional move will depend on the weight of your mattress and other furniture. But it is possible to save money by doing a bit of research before you begin the process.

If you do not have a lot of time or resources to spend, one of the best ways to save money on a move is to rent a dolly. Dolly rentals are available at most home goods stores and some local moving companies. These will help you move your mattress from your home to the truck.

Another option is to use a car or SUV with a flat roof and roof racks to transport your mattress. This is a popular way to move your mattress, especially if you have a friend or family member with a vehicle you can borrow for the move.

Once you have your mattress in place, secure it using rope or ratchet straps. This is the safest and most convenient way to transport your mattress.

A few extra pairs of hands can also help you with the mattress. You may need someone to assist you in bringing it down stairs or through doorways. This person will need to be strong enough to handle the heavy load, so it is important that they have the strength and stamina to do this.


Hiring a Mattress and bed Moving Company can be both convenient and affordable. This option may be especially attractive if you need help transporting a large bed or a mattress that is too heavy to move on your own.

Before hiring a Mattress and bed Moving Company, it is important to consider the cost of shipping your mattress. Depending on the size and weight of your bed, it can be extremely expensive to ship it across the country, or even internationally.

The cost of shipping your mattress depends on the method you choose, and can range from $500 to more than a thousand dollars. Luckily, there are also many other options for transporting your mattress that won’t cost you as much.

Rather than risk damaging your mattress during the move, consider using a mattress encasement to protect it while shipping. This will prevent dirt from accumulating and causing damage.

Another way to keep your mattress safe during the move is by not skipping out on packing it properly. This means wrapping it with bubble wrap or a mattress protector. It will also help you ensure that it arrives safely at its destination.

When packing a mattress for shipping, make sure to remove any ties or screws. It is also a good idea to check the base of your mattress for any broken or damaged pieces.

To avoid breaking your mattress during the move, try to use rope or ratchet straps to secure it in place. These are thick straps with hardware fasteners that are specifically designed to safely transport cargo.

Once you have your mattress secured in a vehicle, try to position it as flat as possible. This will allow it to fit more easily into the container or truck you are renting. It can be tricky to do this on a long-distance truck, but it’s worth the effort because you’ll have a more efficient moving process.

Besides being more convenient and affordable, hiring a Mattress and bed Moving Company can be very safe. Experienced movers know how to transport objects, pack boxes, and wrap your mattress to ensure it arrives at its destination in excellent condition.

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