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Acton Piano Movers

Acton, MA Piano Movers
If you have ever tried to move your piano across the room you can imagine how difficult it would be to move it down the hallway, down the stairs, and out of the front door. The key to successful piano moving is proper planning and execution and no one knows piano moving better than Fresh Start – The Moving Crew. Although the soft shell of a piano is extremSutton
delicate, the inner workings of this keyboard instrument are far more susceptible to damage during relocation. Knowing what type of piano, it is and how it must be moved are preliminary measures which must be taken. When you hire us as your Acton, MA piano moving company you can rest assured all appropriate steps will be taken.

Fresh Start – The Moving Crew: Piano Movers in Acton

The average piano weighs around 500 lbs. making it a tall order for anyone. In addition to its awkwardly displaced weight are the 1,000 moving parts and 200 finShirley
tuned strings inside. Our piano moving specialists are trained to examine the environment of the move and create a strategy to get the piano out as easy as possible. We all know playing the piano takes a lot of practice, and successfully moving one does as well.

No matter how impossible a piano move may seem, we live by one motto; if someone could get it in, we can get it out.

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At Fresh Start – The Moving Crew we aim to offer peace of mind with all of our moving services. We understand most of our customers have a great deal of sentimental value in their pianos which is why we promise the best piano moving in Orlando. The benefits you will receive by choosing us are Expert Crew, Competitive PWaltham
s, Rigging and Hoisting, Local and Long Distance and Room-to-Room is Available.

Best Piano Movers in Acton, Massachusetts

When it comes down to moving delicate, expensive, or extremTolland
heavy objects we are the specialized movers in Acton, MA who can handle any and all requests. Although our ordinary residential and commercial services offer exceptional relocation of your common items, particular items such as pianos, fine art, and automobiles require special attention.

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Throughout our years in the moving industry we have seen it all when it comes to specialized moving. If you have possessions which were delivered with special care and attention, chances are they must be moved with special attention as well! Our customers choose Fresh Start – The Moving Crew because we possess the experience, equipment, and manpower to make it happen.

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Moving a piano out of a second floor stair-case may seem like an impossible task to some, but our specialized movers can do it with ease. And if you have several expensive paintings and delicate sculptures in your home or office, you aren’t going to just throw them in a box, are you? Proper planning and execution of specialized moving means all of your expensive items will arrive in the same condition they left.

Acton Piano Movers
Acton Piano Movers
Acton Piano Movers