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Any apartment move can exhaust you. Trying to guess what you can live without for a bit and packing it, ultimatEastampton
running out of time and throwing it in boxes that don’t always get labeled. You’re already tired from juggling your children and work—you don’t need anything else to go wrong. Local moving services can help. Fresh Start – The Moving Crew solves your problem with their highly-trained, background-checked, professional apartment movers. They can take that a door off its hinges or disassemble an item, and get it back together when they’re done.

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No need to call in favors with your friends or reserve a moving truck rental. The last thing you need is to find a ride to pick up and drop off a moving truck, or worse than that you accidentally injure yourself or a friend. That’s only slightly worse than when someone drops your fridge down the stairs. When you have to pay damages to your apartment complex and replace your fridge at the same time, that’s when you wonder why you didn’t just hire an apartment moving company?

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It’s more than just the heavy and awkward furniture and appliances. It’s more than just the endless stream of boxes and loose items. It’s the cost to fix holes in the wall, the cost of urgent care visits and the cost of losing time at work when anything goes wrong. An apartment moving company, like Fresh Start – The Moving Crew, solves your problem in three uncomplicated ways…
– Their local movers are trained and equipped to safSpcner
and swiftly transport your items
– They bring a moving truck and enough help to get the job done without costly mistakes
– If anything does go wrong you’re on their insurance not yours
A local moving service like Fresh Start – The Moving Crew is far better than a couple muscular day laborers, but the expense isn’t that much more when you factor in insurance and bonding coverage. If you want a better idea you should call for an estimate of your specific job—its free to find out at 508-868-4291.

It doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to bring on a local apartment moving company to make your next move safe, swift and easy.

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The best apartment movers will ask questions upfront like where are you moving from and to, are there stairs, what heavy items will you need included, and so on to ensures an accurate estimate. At Fresh Start – The Moving Crew it’s all included in the regular rate and there are no hidden fees so the estimate will be very close to what you actually pay on the day of your move. All Apartment Moving Companies are highly state regulated, so the estimates won’t vary too greatly from one apartment moving service to another local moving service, provided they are compliant with the state law. What sets them apart from each other is the service they offer.

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Fresh Start – The Moving Crew believes in answering your moving needs with superior local movers. Their highly trained, professional local movers will treat your belongings like it belonged to their grandma. They’ll bring everything they need to swiftly and safTaunton
navigate stairs, narrow hallways or elevators. While not scratching up or breaking your furniture, they’ll also get more stuff into the moving truck leaving you fresh to settle into your new home.

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As a licensed and bonded apartment moving company with a grade A Rating from the Better Business Bureau they are proud to be members of the American Moving & Storage Association. With Fresh Start – The Moving Crew you won’t get stuck helping when the third guy or gal you were expecting didn’t show. Does your Apartment Complex require trucks to load and unload from a particular spot that’s inconveniently located to your apartment? It’s not a problem for Fresh Start – The Moving Crew. They have seen it all and their goal is still to make your move easy.

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