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Williamsburg Senior Citizen Movers

Senior Movers Williamsburg, MA
Williamsburg, MA is a one of retirement destination for people and other countries. Fresh Start – The Moving Crew offers carefully designed services specifically for senior moves, including for those preparing to move to assisted living facilities.

Fresh Start – The Moving Crew: Senior Movers in Williamsburg

Senior moves can be a positive experience. Fresh Start – The Moving Crew senior move services focus on the positive changes a move can bring. Families turn to Professional Organizers to help elderly members prepare to move from a larger home to smaller ones or apartments, including those in senior or assisted living communities. Fresh Start – The Moving Crew helped dozens of families in Williamsburg, MA address this challenging, and often emotional, event.

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Often these same families call on Fresh Start – The Moving Crew again when their loved one is ready to move to a smaller accommodation in response to declining needs. Seniors who are relocating to new homes are often concerned about disposing extra furniture and paper records. These are major focuses for such moves.

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Over the years, Fresh Start – The Moving Crew identified several organizations in the Williamsburg, MA that accept gently-used items to distribute to people in need. Fresh Start – The Moving Crew continue to be amazed and gratified by seniors and families who readily agree to donate to them. Moving requires a lot of paper works. Even though seniors moved several times after retirement, they still accumulated a lot of paper. Much of it was actually useful, such as operating manuals to their TVs and computer. But a lot of it wasn’t needed, like old tax returns, bank statements, and utility bills that can be disposed.

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Fresh Start – The Moving Crew work with seniors and their family members to gather and organize the important paperwork including:
Social Security and Medicare records
Medical records
Financial information: retirement and investment accounts, trust funds, etc.
Real estate and tax information
Tax returns within the last three years

We take special pride in helping seniors move and transition to senior communities. We work with several local communities to help their new residents settle in. These transitions can be particularly challenging for families as well as the one moving. If you’re relocating to Williamsburg, MA or another part of the valley, I’ll help make this the best move of your life.

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Fresh Start – The Moving Crew approach to senior moves is to assess which items they love and want in their new residence. Fresh Start – The Moving Crew focuses on the positive change and select those things that they treasure. Fresh Start – The Moving Crew organizes the new space to ensure it is clutter-free and safe. For example, Fresh Start – The Moving Crew arrange sitting rooms so that items they frequently use—such as phones, remote controls, tissues, and pen and pad—are within easy reach. I place photos, art, special pieces of art around them for their comfort and viewing pleasure.
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Williamsburg Senior Movers
Williamsburg Senior Movers
Williamsburg Senior Movers