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Whately Safe Movers

Heavy Safe Moving– Whately, MA
Safe moving & the transportation and positioning of heavy equipment is a specialist service. Please do not attempt to move any of these if you are untrained or do not have the correct equipment or know how. Safe moving from one place to another, even if it is in the same building or room is something that only trained professionals with the correct equipment should carry out. The slightest wrong move, inadequate equipment or poor judgement can cause injury, damage to property or even a fatality.

Fresh Start – The Moving Crew: Safe Movers in Whately

Safes can weigh up to around 2 tons in weight, which is the average weight of a large family car! To move a safe correctly and safRaynham
requires knowledge, experience and professional equipment. Here at Fresh Start – The Moving Crew we have all of the above and are specialists in heavy equipment relocation.

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We can visit your home, office or site to perform a free risk assessment and formulate a moving plan to help you with the relocation of your safe, whether that is across to the other side of the room, or to the other end of the country.

Best Safe Movers in Whately, Massachusetts

Our specialist services are ideal for both businesses and private clients wishing to moves heavy items such as:
Cash Safes
Fire Proof Cabinets
Gun Safes
Deposit Safes
Document Cabinets
Fire Cupboards
We can also assist in the disposal of unwanted safes or gun cabinets.
For further details please contact us on 508-868-4291 or complete the contact form on this page.

Fresh Start – The Moving Crew makes sure any damages you sustain are covered and paid for, so you have one less thing to worry about. If you check out our claims rates, Fresh Start – The Moving Crew has the lowest in the industry. This means we are the safest, most reliable company qualified to handle your safe move. Check out our full value protection policy to learn more about how we make sure you’re fully covered.

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Most will agree that being a responsible safe owner means keeping your firearms secure. When it comes to their security, safes are the ideal storage method for them. However, high-security safes and vaults can be quite large—and heavy. If handled improperly, safe moving a large safe can be dangerous. While some safes are small and more easily safe move, others are refrigerator-size and can weigh up to several hundred pounds.

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When choosing a mover to transport your gun safe, it’s important to make sure they’re licensed, bonded, and covered. Most moving companies aren’t, which means they aren’t liable for any accidents or damage that may occur. Essentially, this would be as risky as doing the job yourself. When it comes to moving gun safes, the smart choice is to go insured, and with a professional.

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