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Fresh Start – The Moving Crew : Full-service furniture-assembly movers
Fresh Start – The Moving Crew is rooted in family values from the very beginning. We’ve been moving what’s important to you and delivering the same quality and satisfaction for decades.
Furniture-Assembly Mover can be a mess if you don’t have what you need. Whether you’re moving from Westport, MA or out of state, we have a team on your side and endless resources at your disposal.

Fresh Start – The Moving Crew: Furniture-Assembly Movers in Westport

Every relocation begins with a survey of your space or home, whether digitally or in person. We want to custom-fit our services to your needs so that you can move mess-free and stress-free, without surprises.
It doesn’t matter if your move is large or small, Fresh Start – The Moving Crew has beginning-to-end resources that will never leave you hanging. Fresh Start – The Moving Crew’s go-to resource for finishing touches

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When your company gets ready to relocate, you want your new space to feel like home. Fresh Start – The Moving Crew’s team of moving professionals has been helping partners do that for decades.
Do you wish there was an easy, stress-free way to get your business to a new location and have it look even better than before? Fresh Start – The Moving Crew is here to help! Our teams know your space needs furniture assembly done in a timGranville
, efficient manner that helps you get back to work If your company has extensive office space that you need moved in a quick, organized fashion, Fresh Start – The Moving Crew’s teams will individually pack each workstation, move it to your new location, and unpack it.

We’ll get all your pieces properly packaged and moved to the new location, then unpack and assemble all previous and new furniture and equipment.

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Full-service furniture-assembly movers, like Fresh Start – The Moving Crew, are properly equipped to address your move needs during times like these. With creative options, like a virtual move survey, we can help you prepare for your move without stepping foot in your current working space. Fresh Start – The Moving Crew’s virtual move survey allows you to guide your Move Coordinator through an assessment of your office’s layout and belongings with just a smartphone or tablet.

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To prepare for a virtual survey, simply follow these steps:
 Make sure you have a stable internet or cellular connection
 Make sure your video device is ready and charged
 Prepare with a pen and paper in case your Move Coordinator has questions you might need to answer later
 Have a measuring tool at the ready for larger furniture pieces to provide accurate dimensions

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We offer an array of services to get you ready to move. From the very beginning, until the last box is unpacked, we want you to feel informed and relaxed.
To learn more about what Fresh Start – The Moving Crew can do for your next interstate move, contact us today via phone at 508-868-4291 or request your free quote online.

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