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Westhampton Business Movers

Are you responsible for coordinating your business move? This is an exciting time. Most businesses move their offices because they’re growing and expanding, after all. Offices don’t come with too many nick-knacks or dishes, but they can be just as complicated and stressful as your standard residential move. In fact, they can be more complicated and stressful because most companies still need to do business while the move is taking place.

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There are a lot of pitfalls, so we’ve compiled this list of tips to help you manage your business move. Moving may well be the biggest project you’ve ever managed. An business move is about a lot more than packing up boxes and bringing everything over to the new site. Here are just a few of the considerations you’re going to want to think about.

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IT and phone services. Your phones are going to have to ring without interruption. Your computer systems will need to be set up at the new place. They may even need to work at both places simultaneously until the transition is complete.

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When to move various employees. Some employees may need to move right away, while others will need to stay at the original office until the day the move is done. This means that your furniture, fixtures, and equipment may need to move in phases as well.

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New furniture, fixtures, and equipment. A bigger office probably needs more desks, more phones, more computers, more conference room furniture—you name it. That’s going to have to get purchased, and it’s going to have to arrive at your site. It’s also going to have to be disassembled and reassembled.

Westhampton Business Movers Near Me

You’re probably going to have to move sensitive files and documents. You’re also going to need to make sure that the employees who need those documents to do their job have access to them. You’ve probably been given a budget to use—and it’s important to ensure that you stay within that budget. That means taking the time to research alternatives for different products, services, utilities, and vendors that you may need to accomplish your move.

Security is also an issue. Business moving day is chaotic, and you may be moving expensive equipment or sensitive documents. Movers and employees should wear security passes on the day of the move to make sure you aren’t letting these items fall into the wrong hands.

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Westhampton Business Movers
Westhampton Business Movers