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Westfield Piano Movers

Piano Movers Westfield, MA
Piano moving is one of the many specialties of Fresh Start – The Moving Crew in Westfield, MA. Some moving companies won’t touch a piano because of all the things that can go wrong, but our piano movers is highly trained and experience in this delicate art, and we’re ready to put those skills to good use for you!

Fresh Start – The Moving Crew: Piano Movers in Westfield

Pianos are a lot tougher than most people think, but they are a pain to move because they are large, bulky, and HEAVY! With nowhere to grip and possible obstacles like stairs, it’s unlikAthol
that most average homeowners can move a piano on their own. Fresh Start – The Moving Crew is here to help!

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For starters, it takes a knowledgeable, experienced team! You’ll definitWoonsocket
get that when you call Fresh Start – The Moving Crew. We have the skills that it takes, developed over time, to successfully remove a piano from a basement, ground level, or upstairs room and then to pack it up and move it to its new home. This requires knowledge of the different types of pianos, as well as knowing how to use the various pieces of equipment that we have.

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Our team employs a variety of equipment to make piano moving a little easier. We have various dollies specially designed for different types of pianos, straps and buckles to hold everything in place, and casters for getting the piano to the dolly and into the exact place it will be set up. Only certified piano movers will be in charge of moving your piano. Depending on the type, the preparation will look a little different. Your expert piano mover will know the difference and will gladly explain the process to you step by step if you like. The preparation may include removing the lid, lyre, and/or legs. Each of the removed items will be wrapped so that they are not damaged, then loaded carefully into secure compartments within our moving van or truck. Some pianos can be easily and safMansfield
turned on their sides for removal and transport, but others cannot. If you aren’t sure, it’s a good idea to leave this dangerous and potentially costly job to the pros!

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Humidity is the worst enemy of a professional piano mover. Fresh Start – The Moving Crew offers climate controlled trucks and vans for piano moving. Your piano will only shipped with like items that have no potential for damaging the piano inside or out. We make sure that once the piano is loaded into the truck that it is secured so that it doesn’t slide or bounce with the normal movement of the vehicle. This is a crucial step that most do-it-yourself movers skip, thinking that the piano is heavy enough to weigh itself down. Unloading and setup are included in our piano moving services, so when your piano arrives at its new location, it will be fully reassembled and placed where you want it before we leave. This is true whether you are doing a local or long distance piano move.

We can provide piano moving services as part of your household or business move or as an independent service based on your unique needs.

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Our team will inspect the piano for scratches and other damages before and after delivery to ensure that we haven’t caused any. We highly recommend having your piano tuned after it is delivered. Pianos need to be tuned – or at least checked – every so often anyway, so it’s a good opportunity to get it just right. Not only the physical act of moving, but also the humidity change, however slight, from its original home to the new one, can get your piano out of tune as well, so wait a week or so before scheduling a tuning.
Moving a piano really isn’t as complicated as one might imagine, but experience and the right tools go a long way in a successful (aka uneventful) piano moving experience!

Westfield Piano Movers
Westfield Piano Movers
Westfield Piano Movers