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Townsend One-Piece Movers


Fresh Start – The Moving Crew: One-Piece Movers in Townsend

Big or Small, We can handle it.
Are you moving a single item and or one piece such as a refrigerator, couch, bed set or kitchen table? Whether you purchasing or selling it from your local retailer or Craigslist, we have got you covered.

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Our well-trained staff will provide you with the highest quality and most personally-customized service. We make sure that your item will be nicAttleboro
packed before it gets transported to prevent any scratches or damages while moving.

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We provide a Flat Rate for all single-item deliveries.
Things to be considered when moving appliances:

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1) All types of refrigerators must be kept in upright position while being transported.
2) Make sure that all the contents inside the fridge have been removed.
3) If your fridge has an ice maker and/or water dispenser you will need to disconnect a water line prior the move.
4) Take measurements of the new fridge making sure that it will fit through doorways at a new place. Most apartment sized fridges (one door on top of another) will fit through any doorway. However, a side-by-side door type refrigerator might not fit through the doorways. In this case either a door of a fridge or a door of an apartment has to be removed. We remove and reinstall them for you (additional charge will be applied).
5) Make sure that a door handle on a refrigerator is located on a side convenient for you. Otherwise, a handle must be switched to another side.

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Washer and Dryer
1) When moving a washer or/and dryer make sure that all water hoses, gas hook up (in case if it is a gas powered dryer) are all disconnected and faucets are shut OFF.
2) In case of a combo unit (washer and dryer) make sure that the voltage matches on both appliances. Otherwise, you will need to hire a licensed electrician to get the voltage converted.
1) If it is a gas powered unit make sure that the gas connectors are the same size. Otherwise, you will need a gas line coupler/Wakefield
pter/size converter.
2) Take measurements to make sure it fits at a new place.
Our unparalleled service, competitive pFreetown
s and overall value is simply why our loyal customers will not go anywhere else.
We look forward to serving you!

Townsend One-Piece Movers
Townsend One-Piece Movers
Townsend One-Piece Movers