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Templeton Safe Movers

Safe Movers Templeton, MA
You can trust Fresh Start – The Moving Crew to move your safe expertly and discreetly — we guarantee it! Our safe moving team has gone through specialized training to move heavy safes without damaging your home or place of business. We have the safe moving equipment and expertise to move safes weighing up to 2000 pounds to anywhere in Templeton, MA and the surrounding areas. For your protection and security, we move your safe in unmarked trucks.

Fresh Start – The Moving Crew: Safe Movers in Templeton

Whether it’s a simple move from one side of the room to the other, or a complicated move involving multiple staircases and other obstacles, safe and vault moving is a potentially dangerous and difficult task. We have specialized tools to move safes that we have purchased and many other tools that we have designed and fabricated ourselves, to make each safe move appear almost effortless.

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Safes are heavy and require expert rigging when moving to prevent injury and damage. Many of the repairs to homes, businesses and the safes are the result of improper safe moving. In most cases, a standard moving company is not equipped to move your safe, it’s either to heavy or they don’t have the tools and training to move it in the proper manner. Our team has the knowledge and equipment to move your safe without issues even in the most complicated situations.

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Keeping your guns secure is part of being a responsible gun owner. However, moving your gun safe can be quite a hassle. While some gun safes are smaller and easily transported, it is common for some households to have gun safes that rival refrigerators in size and weigh several hundred pounds. Fresh Start – The Moving Crew is an experienced mover who knows how to move hefty gun safes during the course of your residential or commercial move.
• All ammunition needs to be removed before the safe is transported.
• All rifles and pistols need to be unloaded from the safe

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Luxury Jewelry Safes offer a proprietary combination of security, luxury, and convenience. Our team of movers will take special care to carefully wrap your safe a number of thick moving blankets and moving straps to ensure it or your walls isn’t dented or scratched during the move.
• Please ensure all of your jewelry or watches are removed during the move

We keep our safe moving pCochituate
s competitive while still maintaining an impeccable safety record. Our “white-glove” service quickly and efficiently moves and delivers your safe.

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Our elite team of safe movers and installation technicians are highly trained with specialized equipment. We will ensure you get the “white-glove” treatment during your move and/or installation services. Our team has years of experience moving heavy items and during the move our company will do everything to protect your property and ensure it’s handled with the utmost care, including, but not limited to, laying Masonite on your floors to protect them, padding the safe to protect walls, and of course, our special equipment allows us to navigate stairs and landing areas with precision. Our reputation means everything so we dedicate ourselves to ensuring your customer experience is our top priority.

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