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How to hire helpers to load your belongings
One of the most difficult challenges for the do-it-yourself mover is the actual loading and unloading process. This work can be demanding, and there is a high risk of damage to your belongings. If you could use some extra help loading or unloading, then consider the following options.

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•Family And Friends Can Be A Good Option.
Choosing family and friends to help you load/unload can be a great way to save you money. If you choose this option, consider asking friends that have the strength and awareness to carry and load furniture. Sometimes a willing heart is not enough to get the job done. Nobody likes to move, but it can be an opportunity to enjoy spending time with friends.

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It’s always a good idea to buy them lunch and keep plenty of fluids on hand for them to drink and stay hydrated. Because they are your family and friends, be sensitive to the relationship by not being bossy or unthankful for their efforts. It’s also good to remember that your items aren’t getting handled by professional movers, so some damage is possible. If you are really particular about your furniture, then friends may not be your best option.

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If you are concerned about the level of care you will receive from well meaning friends, then consider hiring professional loaders to help you. If you still have friends that want to help, there are plenty of other helpful tasks like packing boxes, disassembling furniture, and disconnecting electronics and appliances.

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•Professional Loading Services.
Many do-it-yourself movers avoid the back breaking work of loading or unloading by hiring professional to load or unload their rental. The advantage of hiring professionals is that they understand how to handle your property carefully with minimal or no damage. They also know how to fill your rental to its full capacity and make sure that you get the greatest use out of your rental. The best way to locate a moving labor service is to search online by typing in ‘Moving Labor’ and the community you need help in. Labor services fall into two basic categories – moving companies or referral websites.
The first category is local moving companies. Most local moving companies will serve do-it-yourself movers by helping them load their rental. The advantage to this option is that you are dealing with a company that is fully invested in the moving industry. Their employees are likCranston
well trained in the latest carrying and loading techniques.

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It’s always good to research the company before you hire them. Review the company’s website to see if the company looks right for you. Ask family and friends who they might recommend a moving company. Look for red flags like bad online reviews or a bad or non-existent Better Business Bureau rating.
The second category is referral websites. These companies focus on finding and compiling a list of moving labor providers in your area to choose from. It’s important to know that when hiring moving helpers from a labor referral service, you are not hiring their employees. In many cases it’s quite easy for people wanting to make extra money but have no experience to become a moving helper. Make sure that the actual individuals you are hiring have a good reputation so do your homework. In most cases you may not be able to get any insurance coverage for the services of moving helpers.
We hope these tips are helpful and guide you to the best option for you. Fresh Start – The Moving Crew has an amazing reputation for serving the do-it-yourself industry. If you are looking for local professionals to load your rental truck, contact us today. We also have a complete line of packing materials to choose from.

Shirley Labor Movers
Shirley Labor Movers
Shirley Labor Movers