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We offer a reliable and efficient nationwide service for moving a safe from your business or home. Our team have been moving safes for clients for over 10 years. If you need your safe moving in your current premises or moved from one address to another then we can help. We can also dispose of your safe if you no longer need it.

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Moving or relocating a safe requires specialist skills and equipment to ensure that your property and the safe are not damaged. Safes need to be handled carefully to ensure that they remain operational once removed. Although your removal company may be able to move your safe if it is under 75kg, any safe fitted with an Anti Explosive Device (AED) will need to be handled by a specialist safe company to ensure that the device does not go off.

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We have been moving safes for clients throughout the Northbridge, MA for over 10 years and are recommended by jewelry insurers. If you are relocating a safe, we will check that the destination is suitable and that the structure is appropriate to fit the safe and support the weight before we start the move. This can normally be done over the phone or, if needed, we can carry out an onsite risk assessment.

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If you need to move business premises we can ensure that your safe comes with you. We regularly relocate fireproof and cash rated safes between business properties and have moved safes weighing up to 3.5 tonnes. If stairs are involved we can look at the weight and size of the safe and type of stairwell, and if necessary carry out a site survey.

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If you have a safe on an upper floor which you need to move out or relocate, the logistics of doing so may seem daunting. We have experience and specialist equipment to make light work of moving your safe even if stairs are involved. The size and shape of the safe, as well as the stairwell, will impact the ability to move your safe up and down stairs.

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If there is a lift at your premises, we will provide padded protection so that the safe and equipment does not damage the lift. If stairs or the lift are not a viable option then we have a crane lorry which can be used to move safes from as high as the 3rd floor in some buildings. for safes above the 3rd floor and for which a lift is not available, subject to site survey we may be able to use a mobile crane.

There are instances when a business with a safe need to move premises. Modern safe are designed to be dismantled if required. If you need to move premises or want to relocate your safe then we can help. We have experience of moving vaults and have even moved one from the Northbridge, MA based building.

Northbridge Safe Movers
Northbridge Safe Movers
Northbridge Safe Movers