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Fresh Start – The Moving Crew
We Move. You Relax.
Fresh Start – The Moving Crew is a regionally recognized leader in residential moving services. We are moving craftsmen and women who help people transition into new and exciting parts of their lives. Whether you need rates for a small apartment move across town or long-distance moving assistance to relocate across the country while using heated storage in the process, we can handle the logistics for you. Named one of Maynard Movers Best Companies to Work For, we’re proud to say our award-winning Maynard movers team provides the most hassle-free way to get wherever you’re going next.

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We Go the Extra Mile
Even though we are a small local company, Fresh Start – The Moving Crew also provides moving services nationwide. We are able to provide long distance moving quotes for moves originating in the Massachusetts Metro Area. We specialize in a personal and fast service that’s usually half the delivery time of our competitors. Here’s the good part, we can usually get the job done for less than the “Big Maynard Movers” can.

We’re Your Movers the Whole Way
We don’t broker out your job for someone else to do.

No Call Centers
When you call us you get a real person, someone you know and that also knows you.

We don’t charge extra for “ferrying” your belongings.

Super Fast Delivery
“They” take at least 1 – 2 weeks — we take 3 – 5 days!

Competitive Pricing
It’s a rare occasion that we don’t beat out the big Van Line movers when it comes to rates.

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We’re definitely willing to go the distance for our customers — anywhere in the USA, we’ll get your belongings there safely, affordably, and with style. Moving long distance can be a complicated process, so we provide a free in-home consultation with our moving consultant (which results in a more accurate estimate).

Feel free to contact us for a quote or learn more about cross country moving in our Moving Encyclopedia.

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Maynard Movers Ministries
Helping others, no strings attached. The Maynard Movers Ministries program is a core part of what our character is here at Fresh Start – The Moving Crew. Our company was actually started because we wanted to help others who simply needed a helping hand to move their belongings. We recognize that people are often forced to move for reasons beyond their control. In the spirit of helping others, we have developed a program that addresses the moving needs of people who have limited income, victims of abuse, or who are otherwise in need of moving assistance that they cannot get on their own.

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Rather than duplicating work that is already being done, Fresh Start – The Moving Crew has partnered with several non-profit groups who are already addressing these important needs. In order to take advantage of this program, clients are required to be referred from one of the agencies listed below. If you are currently working with an agency that is not listed, please have the agency contact us to see if you qualify.

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As you’re choosing your mover, it will be important to pay careful attention to a moving company’s safety ratings. We at Fresh Start – The Moving Crew are proud to say that our current safety record is 3% (Safety ratings are calculated by comparing the amount of claims for damages to the total moves performed. A safety rating of 1% means that out of every one hundred moves, one claim of damages has been submitted).
While we do have an excellent safety record (currently 3 times better than the national average) it’s still important to learn about our insurance claims process. In the unfortunate event that an accident does, you’ll be glad to know that

Fresh Start – The Moving Crew carries above and beyond the states required insurance levels.

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