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By their nature, safes are difficult to move and something we don’t recommend you attempting yourself. Our experienced safe moving team can move safes to a new location or remove and recycle them. Safes are secure because, as well as their locking mechanism, they are heavy and difficult to move, especially if they have been professionally installed. While this is good in terms of protecting your valuables, it can make it difficult when you need to remove or relocate one. Our professional safe movers in Lexington, MA can do it all. We’re a one-stop shop, helping with all home moving situations. Our large fleet of modern, fully-equipped trucks keeps us on the cutting edge of convenience and reliability.

Fresh Start – The Moving Crew: Safe Movers in Lexington

This can be for a number of reasons; you may be moving house, just no longer need one or want to move it to another room in the house. As experienced safe engineers we can offer a professional safe removal and relocation service, even if you want it moving to a different location or to another floor of the house. Any safes we remove will be recycled or disposed of responsibly. If you have a safe that needs moving please send photos of the safe along with the nature of the move (up or down stairs, proximity of new location etc) to our email address so we can assess the job and advise of costs.

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Why trust Fresh Start – The Moving Crew For home safe removal and relocation? Safe removal team always led by professional safe engineer. Installation can be provided in new location. Can also open safes if required. Safes disposed of professionally. Can move safes between different floors and distinct locations. We can provide you safe moving with all the tape, boxes and padding materials you need to safHampshire County
and securAshburnham
pack all your belongings. All of our products are brand new, meaning they’re in perfect condition and can handle whatever you put in them. Using old boxes saves money, but old, worn out boxes are prone to rips and tears that can spell the end for fragile items. Opting for brand new boxes and containers may be a bit more expensive, but when you think of the money you’ll save by avoiding broken plates or shattered picture frames, it’s clear that buying new is a better option.

We can provide storage of your safe, short term or long term, in the event that you must move your safe before you find a new location or your construction team has delayed your new store opening.

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Our safe moving company is always ready to help you move not only in Lexington, MA and its surrounding areas also. Fresh Start – The Moving Crew is the name to rFramingham
on for the most satisfying safe moving experience. Moving to a new home is exciting but the hassle associated can make it quite stressful for you and your family. However, all these hassles can be eliminated if you are trusting us with the job of moving your safe to a new location.

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The risks of a do-it-yourself move of a safe are many. Personal injuries from load shifting, damage to property from scrapes and collapse of old floors, citations for blocking traffic when the safe falls over and another mover with the correct experience and equipment are summoned. The risks far outweigh the realistic cost to get the job done the right way once by a professional mover. Getting stuck, damaging the property, all add up to risks that will cost. Weight matters when moving a safe.

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Our safe and vault movers are safe and efficient with the best rates around. We move anything that is too big for regular moving companies such as gun safes, vaults, vending machines, machinery and much more. Our professional movers are happy to move construction equipment to the job site. Have an upcoming office move? No problem. Stairs? No Problem, we move safes up or downstairs, no elevator needed. Buying a gun safe from someone on Craigslist? We can deliver it for you. Need liftgate service? We got you covered. When you have large items around your Safe, job site, home or yard that you need moved, contact us for a fast and free quote.

Lexington Safe Movers
Lexington Safe Movers
Lexington Safe Movers