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Granby Safe Movers

Safes moving require opening for a wide variety of reasons from parts malfunctioning to lost keys. Whatever the reason we can open any safe of any size throughout the Thames valley including Granby, MA. The safe opening service offered involves a lot of methods including drilling and picking. Should a safe require drilling we also offer a full repair service to get the safe back in working order. If you already have a safe and need it moved, or you have an old safe that you need removed we can help. We use a wide range of methods both new and traditional to get your safe move where it is needed, or take it away for disposal.

Fresh Start – The Moving Crew: Safe Movers in Granby

Most will agree that being a responsible safe owner means keeping your firearms secure. When it comes to their security, safes are the ideal storage method for them. However, high-security safes and vaults can be quite large—and heavy. If handled improperly, safe moving a large safe can be dangerous. While some safes are small and more easily safe move, others are refrigerator-size and can weigh up to several hundred pounds.

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Professional safe movers with experience minimize any possibility of an accident or damage to surroundings. Fresh Start – The Moving Crew is trained, licensed, and experienced in moving gun safes of all kinds. Each of our professional moving staff is highly qualified in both commercial and residential gun safe moving—with the lowest incident rate in the industry.

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A well-built gun safe is typically fireproof and waterproof, and able to resist blunt-force trauma. Due to their unique engineering, moving them around—or dropping them—can be a big deal. UnfortunatBlandford
, Injuries related to inexperienced safe moving are common, along with damage to surrounding objects. For this reason, moving services are included along with the initial purchase and installation of safes & vaults.

Fresh Start – The Moving Crew makes sure any damages you sustain are covered and paid for, so you have one less thing to worry about. If you check out our claims rates, Fresh Start – The Moving Crew has the lowest in the industry. This means we are the safest, most reliable company qualified to handle your gun safe move. Check out our full value protection policy to learn more about how we make sure you’re fully covered.

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When choosing a mover to transport your gun safe, it’s important to make sure they’re licensed, bonded, and covered. Most moving companies aren’t, which means they aren’t liable for any accidents or damage that may occur. Essentially, this would be as risky as doing the job yourself. When it comes to moving gun safes, the smart choice is to go insured, and with a professional.

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You don’t have to contact the safe company for pricy service— Fresh Start – The Moving Crew is fully licensed and bonded to handle any and all gun safe transport. Our specialized equipment is built to handle a wide range of size and weight, and our professional movers are qualified to maneuver them. Additionally, we offer specialized services for each individual safe, ensuring your belongings receive the best possible care.

Granby Safe Movers
Granby Safe Movers
Granby Safe Movers