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Dracut Long-Distance Movers

Long-Distance Movers Dracut, MA
The definition of a long-distance move is any move that is 150 miles or more. Some of the differences can be subtle, and others more pronounced. For example: a long-distance move is not necessarily a cross-country, or interstate move. For any jobs that originate or terminate inside the state, we are your go-to long distance movers in Dracut, MA. If you are planning to relocate to other state or cross-county, Fresh Start – The Moving Crew is one of the best long distance moving services that you can find in Dracut, MA.

Fresh Start – The Moving Crew: Long Distance Movers in Dracut

Sometimes economy is not the name of the game. Preserving the value, and maintaining a chain of liability are the priorities a shipper might have. If items in your shipment are of abnormally high value, it can definitGroton
be worth it to spring the extra buck for direct service. One entity controls your shipment from start to finish, usually in the same transport vehicle. There is no release of liability. The only constraint is the amount of time it takes to drive the shipment to its destination. Other shipping options require complicated logistics such as transfer of shipment between way points, typical of van-line logistics. Again, the transfer of shipments between way points creates unnecessary risk-in-handling.

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We don’t hire applicants; we qualify candidates, then certify technicians. Our interview process consists of technical aptitude, physical endurance/conditioning, and problem solving ability testing, before entering a probationary field tryout phase. At Fresh Start – The Moving Crew we believe that having prior long distance moving company experience may or may not constitute a repertoire of bad habits, so we value fundamental skillsets and exhibited potential over a resume. Many of our highest rated movers have never worked for any other moving companies. All of our movers are permanent, bonded employees.

Best Long Distance Movers in Dracut, Massachusetts

The guiding principal at Fresh Start – The Moving Crew is a customer 2nd mentality. Our primary focus is our movers. We believe that if our long distance movers are not content, it will not be possible to deliver the standard of service that is our claim to fame.

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This is an extremPalmer
difficult job (if it was easy, there wouldn’t be an industry), and for any human being to weather the storm that is relocation on a daily basis – their heads and their hearts must be in the game. We treat our movers with dignity, respect, and admiration. We learn from our guys and gals, and let their voices be heard. We afford them every tool, every advantage, and every consideration they need to fulfill their duties beyond our customers wildest expectations.

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Our sophisticated load planning software helps calculate load times, trip times, coordinates lodging, and provides real time tracking of shipments. The fitness of our moving trucks is never a factor. We only carry late model, fleet maintained moving trucks, with guaranteed functional AC units for happy movers upon arrival. Aside from these factors, it really just boils down to having reliable long distance movers on your job. Knowing that you can send guys hundreds of miles away from supervision is a luxury that some companies can’t take for Swansea

Fresh Start – The Moving Crew boasts a flawless record in this department. And if you are moving cross-country or outside of state lines, call us anyway. We might have some keen insight on your situation. We can turn you on to money saving solutions that specified services like van lines and nationwide chain movers simply won’t mention. At the end of the day, it pays to give us a call.

Dracut Long-Distance Movers
Dracut Long-Distance Movers
Dracut Long-Distance Movers