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Dighton Labor Movers

Labor Moving Services
If you just need a couple of extra hands, we offer labor moving services per hour. While there are many people whose search for a home mover land them here – there are the rest of you considering the possibility of renting a U-haul truck or other type of rental truck or maybe even need help loading an overseas container or pod and just desire a few extra hands. Fresh Start – The Moving Crew’s reliable labor movers is here to help!

Fresh Start – The Moving Crew: Labor Movers in Dighton

We offer affordable & professional packing, as well as “labor only” loading or unloading. Fresh Start – The Moving Crew specializes in and working around U-haul trucks, other rental trucks, overseas containers and storage pods. When moving your home, apartment or office goods we take special care in the major difference between loading a U-haul truck, shipping containers or pod for a long distance office or home move – just as we take specialized care for a local labor move or home move where we provide the truck or storage container.

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There are specialized tactics when loading a U-haul truck, other rental truck, storage container or pod for a local office move or local home move between close cities. Giving that there is less travel between your move locations there is no problem with “load shifting” which occurs with long distance relocation and can result in damaged goods. Your office furniture or household furniture can be packed somewhat loosReading
, sparing a considerable amount of Tetris play when packing, saving you time and saving your money!

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, when loading for an office or home move it is very important to load your boxes and other items as tightly as possible. A lot of movement can happen inside a U-haul or shipping container that is traveling long distance. The tighter your load is packed the less possibility of movement which means less possibility of damage. We also keep in mind when loading trucks or shipping containers that the customer is sometimes charged by the amount of space used. That said we try to save you money there too by using our Tetris master labor moving skills resulting in less space used and a load that is unable to shift, thus incurring damages.

Our MAgement at Fresh Start – The Moving Crew has spent number of years in the labor moving industry. We are available to pack, deliver and assemble any item you want to be move, low cost and hassle free.

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Also labor moves and local home moves do not require crating and boxing of every item, but simply blanket wrapping for the protection of furniture & appliances. This ensures items don’t rub & scratch; leaving you with new, but unwanted designs on your home or office furniture! Your move, and your items are important to us either way!

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Our labor only rates for loading or unloading U-haul trucks, other rental trucks, shipping containers & pods are very affordable! Spare yourself the heStoneham
che and back breaking work in this summer’s sun! Leave the moving to Fresh Start – The Moving Crew, your local professional movers, we’ll get the job done right.

Dighton Labor Movers
Dighton Labor Movers
Dighton Labor Movers