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Cranston One-Piece Movers

If you are moving home, moving offices, emigrating or moving temporarily for work or study, often it is not appropriate to hire a full moving service for a small number of items. That’s why people turn to Fresh Start – The Moving Crew for one piece moving and temporary relocations. Whether you have a single item, a selection of paintings or vases, a few valuable items like antiques, a room full of furniture or a whole office, we have shipping and one piece moving service options to fit your budget and timetable; whether you are moving within the Cranston, MA or relocating overseas. It is crucial that your items arrive safGranby
and securWinchendon
wherever you are heading, and by using our valuable packing and removals service you can ensure that your precious items are in safe hands. We can assist you in transporting your items to their destinations whatever the nature of your move.

Fresh Start – The Moving Crew: One Piece Movers in Cranston

Additionally, if your move is only temporary and you will be returning from your new home in a few months or a few years, we will be delighted to arrange the transport of your items back home again with exactly the same care. At Fresh Start – The Moving Crew, we specialize in fragile packing and transport solutions. We treat every item in your part move with the same care and attention that we give to the fragile antiques or highly-valuable art that we regularly ship for people or businesses every day.

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Our fragile packing and transport services, including custom-built crates and our Foam-in-Place system, ensure that all of your possessions – no matter how many or few – will arrive safe and sound at your destination. We take the utmost care with all of your valuable items, and our specialist fragile packing and transport service ensures that your goods will travel securPaxton
. However, for full peace of mind, we also provide a Warranty Service loss or damage protection when you are arranging valuable moving with us.

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This allows us to provide you with cover for your items whether you are sending a one-piece item or a roomful of furniture, regardless of the value of the items you are moving. Depending on the items and destination of your one-piece moving requirement, we can also provide you with the option to place your furniture on a pallet or skid (mini pallet). Your possessions are still safGardner
packed, but this can often be a more economical way to move a relativEasthampton
small amount whether you are moving within the country or going abroad.

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We also have student packing and shipping services to help get computers, hi-fis, clothes and books back home at the end of term or when the study year is over, regardless of whether the delivery is in the Cranston, MA or to international destinations. As well as getting your items safSomerset
to your new destination with our fragile packing and transport services, we can also help to arrange the export paperwork, and we can provide you with door-to-door delivery tracking so that you know exactly where your precious items are at all times.

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With our one piece moving service, we can co-ordinate packaging, storage, freight and delivery to any destination in the world. Our knowledge of specialist packing, combined with our wide range of shipping options and our comprehensive Warranty Service loss or damage protection, allows us to provide a high-quality and reliable service, wherever you are moving.

At Fresh Start – The Moving Crew, we specialize in one piece moving involving the movement of fragile or valuable items that you really treasure. These could involve valuable moving such as antiques, artwork, electronic items, heirlooms and anything else that has monetary or sentimental value.

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