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Chelmsford Commercial Movers

Commercial Movers: Fresh Start – The Moving Crew
At Fresh Start – The Moving Crew, we are strategic and unconventional commercial movers.
We continue to develop new technologies and innovative services that improve your moving experience.

Fresh Start – The Moving Crew: Commercial Movers in Chelmsford

We help bring clarity to complex issues surrounding commercial relocation, and design the best plan of action for every move.
But above all else, we deliver.

When we say we’re Fresh Start – The Moving Crew, we have the experience to back it up. Our team has completed over 50,000 services across Massachusetts. We’ve helped thousands of companies set up, start fresh, and reconfigure their offices.

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1. Proficiency in Major Furniture Lines
We choose to invest in manufacturer-certified office furniture installation training. Because certified installers disassemble and reinstall furniture as the manufacturer intended, they guarantee your furniture systems are safe and secure. Our professional installers are also proficient in furniture lines that don’t offer certification, so they are always your most reliable choice for furniture installation.

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Innovative Equipment
Fresh Start – The Moving Crew uses advanced moving equipment—like reusable E-Crates instead of cardboard boxes. People often suffer injuries from lifting heavy boxes, but stackable moving boxes provide a labor-saving alternative. They also provide better protection for your office valuables. Further, we help businesses reduce the use of disposable packing materials by providing detailed packing instructions and expert advice.
3. Storage Solutions
Whether you need temporary storage in preparation for moving day, or indefinite storage due to a fluctuating construction schedule, our commercial movers will provide the right storage solution for your business. We’ll transport and store your goods, then deliver them exactly where you want them when it’s time. Until then, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your inventory is safe and accounted for.

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Relocation Strategies
A moving day strategy relieves stress and ensures a smooth transition for everyone involved. A basic strategy documents the answers to key questions like: how long will the move take, what supplies are needed, and when should we start packing? A moving strategy includes a timeline with milestones and action steps. Find out what to include in a more comprehensive office relocation strategy.
5. Move MAgement
First, Fresh Start – The Moving Crew assigns a supervisor to work with your team, so you have a designated point of contact for your project. Larger moves also include a project MAger. Then our clients can track the progress of their move using our proprietary Office Move Net system.
6. Office Decommissioning
Office furniture removal in progress

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After you vacate a leased or rented office space, you are responsible for returning it to the condition outlined in your lease agreement or rental contract. Our commercial movers will relocate, store, or dispose of all your furnishings including cabinets, curtains, cubicles and cabling. Then they’ll clean and repair the empty space to ensure you are compliant with property MAgement regulations. We’ll conduct a walk-through to arrange everything with you in advance so that moving day goes smoothly.

Chelmsford Commercial Movers
Chelmsford Commercial Movers
Chelmsford Commercial Movers