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Belchertown Senior Movers

For seniors, the later phases of life can be emotionally challenging, especially if they can’t get around by themselves. The concept of moving into a retirement village, nursing home or aged care facility can be a difficult one to digest. If you’re helping a senior friend or family member move or senior moving, an immense amount of emotional pressure is on you to help them through this lifestyle transition. Sorting and packing their things can be hard because you’re short on time. They don’t want to let go of anything, dragging the process out. The move of their property can be frustrating and stressful for everyone. But if the time has arrived and a senior move must be made, we’re here to help.

Fresh Start – The Moving Crew: Senior Movers in Belchertown

Every person’s home is unique, containing hundreds or even thousands of items of emotional significance. In the case of a senior, it’s all the truer. Very often, they’ve collected materials over decades and become attached to them.

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This is why the process of helping the senior move their belongings begins with a FREE non-obligation 20 to 40-minute inspection of where they live. The inspection lets us heavily customize our senior moving service to each individual senior so you can stress less while saving time and money.

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As part of the inspection, we take into account the various thoroughfares of your senior’s home. We assess all onsite entries and exits and also look at car parks, driveways and elevators. With the information gathered we design and develop a plan to help move your senior’s property from A to B without anything getting lost, damaged or left behind.

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This plan can include:
Helping you pack — we help you sort through your senior’s belongings to determine what can be kept, what gets left behind and what gets thrown away.
Creating labelling systems — labelling in an orderly fashion will see that nothing gets lost or misplaced on the day of the move.
Helping you unpack at the new site — we help you unpack and place everything where your senior wants it for their comfort.
With our senior moving service, you’ll be unloading a tonne of emotional pressure onto us. With the most sensitive touch, we are here to help you with your senior move.

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Relocating is not just a big decision to make, it’s one of the biggest you will make in your entire life. There is so much to consider before deciding on a course of action. Once you made the decision to move, Fresh Start – The Moving Crew senior moving services will be there for you.

Your senior moving matters to us because we realize it’s the first step toward a positive change in your life. It’s simple –our love for what we do is infectious – you will love working with us on your move! We provide the support and guidance your family needs.

Belchertown Senior Movers
Belchertown Senior Movers
Belchertown Senior Movers